University Health and Counseling Services

Outreach, Education, & Prevention

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Outreach is about connecting with the campus community to support mental health through prevention, awareness, education and by reducing stigma. 

Counseling Services (CS) strives to engage students, parents, staff, and faculty in promoting a healthy campus environment that supports emotional well-being. We also do all we can to connect with students who do not utilize traditional counseling. 

Our Outreach, Education & Prevention efforts take many forms. Browse below to learn more, get involved, or to find out how to work with us.


           Campaigns & Resources

  • Outreach to specific communities 
  • Workshops and Outreach by request
  • "Mental Health Tips" Newsletter
  • Trainings for helping students in distress
  • CS response to campus crisises

Outreach & Workshop Requests


We do outreach to the campus for student groups, academic departments, and administrative units often.

Outreach is about demystifying counseling, educating on mental health problems, and helping our community connect with needed resources. 

The following are Outreach Programs that our team often offers:

  • Counseling Services Demystified: Learn more about our services and how to connect with us.
  • Stress-management & emotional wellness: Learn about managing stress and living a more balanced life. 
  • Reimagining Self-Care: Learn about what self-care really is and how it can help you avoid burnout and achieve.
  • Suicide Prevention & Awareness Training: More in-depth training on suicide prevention.
  • Gatekeeper Trainings: Training for faculty, staff, and student staff on how to support people in crisis.


Programs or presentations on other mental health topics not listed can often be arranged by request. Although staffing for outreach is limited, we do our best to accommodate requests and work with you to discuss your needs. Programs, workshops, and presentations can usually be tailored to your time constraints.


How to Make a Request

To request an outreach program and/or discuss your needs please e-mail Liza Little, Director of Counseling Services. We will do our best to help or provide you with additional resources. Please note that staffing can be limited, especially during times of the semester when Counseling Services is highly utilized.

Please provide the following information in your outreach request:

  • Your title/role on campus
  • Your group and/or department
  • Topic of interest
  • Possible dates/times
  • Expected number of participants
  • Location