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Student Health Insurance Plan (SHIP) Information

The University of Maine System's seven campuses require proof of health insurance as a condition of enrollment for all students fitting the following criteria: 

  • Undergraduate students taking 9 or more credit hours
  • Graduate or Law students taking 6 or more credit hours
  • All USM School of Nursing students enrolled in ANY clinical coursework
  • All USM Athletic Training Program students enrolled in ANY clinical coursework
  • All USM students enrolled in the Occupational Therapy Program

 Please note and remember the following:

  1. If students do not want the insurance and do not waive out by the deadline, they will be automatically charged and enrolled in the plan ($2,264.00/year).
  2. Transfer students entering in the Spring semester that do not want the insurance must waive out by the spring deadline to avoid the charge. Note: the charge for those entering in January will be pro-rated ($1,314.00).
  3. The charge is not refundable.
  4. Students and families will be contacted several times to remind them of the process, starting at orientation and throughout the open enroll/waive period.
  5. This is an active process that must be completed each year.
  6. Please take note that if you do not fall into one of these categories, this DOES NOT apply to you and you will not be eligible to enroll or waive out of the insurance.
  7. The deadlines to opt-out or enroll are as follows: October 1st for Fall; March 1st for Spring.


 2020-2021 Policy Information Click Here!



For questions about the student insurance coverage or completing waivers/enrollments, call Gallagher Student Health at 833-882-3592.   


If you have insurance and do not want the SHIP, you MUST fill out the waiver form.

If you do not have insurance and need to purchase the SHIP you must enroll. The plan is in effect from August 1 to July 31 (for students entering and enrolling in the spring, it is in effect from January 1 to July 31).