University Health and Counseling Services

Student Health Insurance Plan (SHIP) Information

The University of Maine System's seven campuses require proof of health insurance as a condition of enrollment for all students fitting the following criteria: 

  • Undergraduate students taking 9 or more credit hours
  • Graduate or Law students taking 6 or more credit hours
  • All USM School of Nursing students enrolled in ANY clinical coursework
  • All USM Athletic Training Program students enrolled in ANY clinical coursework
  • All USM students enrolled in the Occupational Therapy Program

In order to assist students who do not have access to health insurance but need to meet this requirement, all UMS campuses offer a plan for purchase through Cross Insurance.  The plan is valid from January 1, 2017 through July 31, 2017 at the total cost of $955.  View this plan here.  

The enrollment and waive out period begins on July 6, 2016.  You must take one action or the other if you meet any the criteria above.  Click HERE for waiver/enrollment instructions.

The SHIP is administerd by United Health Care, Inc. via a contract with Harvard-Pilgrim Health Care and makes use of their network of primary care providers, subspecialty providers, hospitals and other health care providers.  USM Health & Counseling Services is an approved Harvard-Pilgrim in-network provider. 

For further questions about the SHIP coverage details, please contact one of the folling resources: 

United Customer Service: 1-800-977-4698 or 

Cross Insurance Agency: 1-800-537-6444 or