University Health and Counseling Services

Victims of Violence and Sexual Assault

It is not your fault.  The person(s) who did this to you are at fault.  Get to a safe place such as any safe room, office or public place that you feel comfortable in and are away from the perpetrator.  Call the police if you are in further danger.

University Police are an advocate for victims of violence and an immediate contact with them is recommended (780-5211 from off campus - 911 from on campus).  If you do not make an immediate contact with the police it is still recommended that a contact be made and a report filed as soon as possible so that they can help to protect you from further harm.

Seek medical assistance.  This is important for the treatment of injuries, testing of sexually transmitted diseases, care regarding unwanted pregnancy, and evidence collection.

Contact other supportive departments who will listen and support you in a non-judgmental way; USM Police (780-5211); Counseling Services (780-4050); Women's Resource Center (780-4996); Health Services (780-5411) and the community resource of (SARS) Sexual Assault Response Services (774-3613; Family Crisis Center (800-537-6066).

Consider informing the Office of Community Standards (780-5242) that you have been a victim of violence.

For more information on interpersonal violence and to get involved with making changes on campus, contact the Campus Safety Project.

You have been through a traumatic event in which you have been violated and you may experience a variety of feelings.  These feelings are normal reactions to an abnormal event.  It is most important that you take care of yourself during this time and have someone safe with whom you can express your thoughts and feelings.  Counseling Services are available at 780-4050.