University Health and Counseling Services

Wellness Visits


Wellness visits empower students to seek answers to a question and/or a concern which could improve their student experience and overall well-being.


How is a Wellness visit different than a Counseling appointment?

Counseling appointment is generally ongoing. The counselor and the student engage in a therapeutic alliance that supports the treatment of emotional and mental health conditions.  While there can be many reasons a student seeks counseling services some of these concerns may include; adjustment and change, stress, depression, anxiety, grief and loss, mood regulation and severe substance use conditions. 

When a student chooses to schedule counseling the process consists of the following;

The first session is referred to as the Consult appointment. This consists of online CCAPS and intake data/information and an introductory meeting with a licensed therapist to discuss the students concerns and needs. The student is asked to present 15 minutes prior to their appointment to complete the intake information.

The second session is referred to as an Intake. At this appointment the counselor will work with the student to gather information for a Biopsychosocial Assessment to determine how best to help the student.  

The appointments that follow are considered to be Individual Counseling. The number of these appointments will vary based on each individual student, clinical needs (assessment), the treatment plan and goals.


A WELLNESS VISIT is an educational visit  that promotes Health and Well-being. It is not formal counseling and consists of 1-2 meetings designed to provide the student with a positive experience to help the student protect and support their academic success, as well as their personal and professional goals.


Wellness visits may include:

  • Sleep Hygiene
  • Exercise tips
  • Substance misuse and low risk choices
  • Study skills and habits
  • Self-care and balance
  • Stress reduction
  • Support around a new medical diagnosis or health condition


A student may elect to enter counseling following one or two Wellness visits.


Please call today and let our administrative staff know if you would like to schedule a Wellness Visit!

Portland Office- 207- 780-4050

Gorham Office-  207-780-5411