Linguistics — Speech and Language Science Concentration

Program Type
Undergraduate Major
Bachelor of Art (BA)
Modes of Study
Blended;In person

Tuition & fees

Costs include tuition, fees, & other costs such as books. New England residents may qualify for a tuition break. See cost details

Financial aid

On average, 92% of enrolled students who file a FAFSA receive an offer. 91% of offers include scholarships, grants, waiver, and/or work-study. Explore aid

Program duration

Typical completion time: 4 years. Flexible options may save time. Explore options


SAT & ACT scores optional. Early action & year-round admissions. View application process & deadlines

Program highlights

  • Develop your skill set in speech-language pathology, audiology, or related disciplines.
  • Work closely with faculty and receive one-on-one individualized attention through community involvement and grant-funded research programs.
  • Prepare for a wide range of careers in speech-language pathology or audiology as well as clinical disciplines, and ESL.
  • Gain academic credit for skills and knowledge you’ve already acquired through work, community service, or life experience.
Two students sit in front of a laptop and discuss their ideas together.

Hands-on community experience

Service learning and internship experiences are threaded throughout our curriculum. You’ll collaborate with faculty on research projects and engage with local organizations.

An audiologist gives a hearing exam using an audiometer in special audio room.

Meaningful career options

Our graduates have pursued careers in speech-language pathology, audiology, and related fields. The curriculum also acts as a springboard for application to graduate study.

Student sits at a table wearing headphones and typing on a laptop.

Program requirements

Along with studying language acquisition, phonetics, and syntax, you’ll take courses in world language. We also provide a foundational background in the clinical areas necessary for graduate programs.

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Nationally distinguished faculty

Take advantage of the liberal arts college atmosphere and extensive interaction with nationally distinguished faculty members, many of whom actively engage students in their grant-funded research.

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Scholarship opportunities

Scholarships offer valuable financial aid that doesn’t need to be repaid. You’ll be automatically considered for Merit Scholarships when you apply for admission by the deadline. Additional opportunities are available.

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Do you live in New England?

You may be eligible for a reduced tuition rate, as part of the NEBHE Tuition Break Program.

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Considering transferring to USM?

We welcome students who are transferring from another four-year university or community college. Our knowledgeable Admissions Counselors will help you to navigate the admissions and credit-transfer process.

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