Major and Degree Planning

Making your choice of a major and completing your degree can seem challenging.  We have many resources here to help you through the process.  Be sure to work closely with your professional and faculty advisors to create a plan for graduation that works for your time frame and lifestyle. Your plan may include complementary experiences in which you are interested such as minors, internships, service learning, campus involvement, and study abroad opportunities.

Explore the following links to help you put together a plan to fit your needs and interests.

  • Choosing/Exploring Majors

    “What are you going to major in while in college?” “What are you going to do for the rest of your life?” How many times has someone asked you these questions?  This information will help you with the process of exploring and choosing your major.

  • Declaring My Major

    Gather all the information you can about yourself, your interests, and the many majors USM has to offer. It is important to take the time to find a good fit for you. Each student navigates the exploration process in his/her own way.

  • Graduation Planning

    You can work in collaboration with your advisor to design a graduation plan that works specifically for your needs. Utilize this site to plan your degree experience through graduation.

  • Career Resources

    Professional Academic Advisors can offer advice on how to begin creating a career path. We can discuss your interests and develop goals to assist you as you move forward. This may include reviewing your degree progress or introduction career tools such as Myers-Briggs, Strong, O’Net, Strengths, and values.

  • Strengths

    How you think, learn, study, work, and lead best is unique to you. Leverage your talents to help you "do what you do best" in the classroom and in your student and community organizations.