Welcome to the University of Southern Maine!

You have joined a university with deep roots in the cultural, scientific, business and economic life of Maine.

As you explore USM, you will discover an institution characterized by energy, enthusiasm, and innovation; an institution at the heart of its community and dedicated to transforming lives. At USM we believe deeply in excellent teaching, service to students, and in supporting the professional success and growth of our employees.

We are proud of our services in Human Resources, and it is our hope that you will find satisfaction in your contribution to the USM mission. Please let us know how we can help you learn more about the University or about navigating your University career.

New Hire Onboarding Resources

Review the information below to help you get started as a USM employee.

Become familiar with USM as your employer:

Prepare for your first day:

  • Be sure to check with your supervisor about when and where to report on your first day. Regular/benefits-eligible employees are required to attend HR orientation and will receive an email invitation.
  • Gather the documents that are needed for new hire paperwork and bring them with you on your first day.
  1. Activate your email account.
    • Refer to the email sent to you (subject line, “Welcome to the University of Southern Maine – Please join me for new hire orientation!”) and make note of your employee ID number and email activation code.
    • Visit accounts.maine.edu and select Activate your account.
    • Follow the prompts to complete your set up.
    • If you have questions, call the IT Helpdesk at 207-780-4029.
  2. After activating your email account, you will be able to access the MyUSM portal which contains important information and links.
    • Familiarize yourself with the LaunchPad. This is where you will find links to important websites and applications, such as MaineStreet Employee Self-Service, GMail, Google Calendar, Marketplace, UMS Academy, and more.
  3. Begin your Onboarding Activity Guide (not available for temporary employees). Select the MaineStreet option from your Launchpad which will bring you to Employee Self-Service. Select the Onboarding tile and begin your onboarding journey.
    • The Onboarding Guide will walk you through important onboarding tasks such as completing your direct deposit, W-4 tax withholdings, and the confidentiality agreement.
    • Important: You will be asked to complete section 1 of the Form I-9, which is required to be completed on or before your first day of employment. Please work with your supervisor or Human Resources to complete section two. If you require assistance with the Form I-9, or if your supervisor is unable to complete section 2, please contact usmhr@maine.edu or stop by during our Form I-9 drop-in hours.
  4. Depending on your role, you may need to set up and/or become familiar with Brightspace for course access and course development. Questions about Brightspace? Email ctelhelp@maine.edu.
  5. Obtain your USM card and parking pass.
  6. Work with your supervisor to learn how to use MaineStreet, our online enterprise software, including how to report your time.
  7. Review University policies (login required).
  • No later than your third day of employment, make sure you and your supervisor have completed sections 1 and 2 of the Form I-9. Section 2 requires your supervisor or an HR representative to verify identification and work eligibility documents. See the “Before you start” drop-down menu for more information about the Form I-9.
  • Review the Employee Resources site (login required).
  • Review and elect your benefits (if applicable) within 31 days of your start date via MaineStreet Employee Self-Service.
  • Complete the required compliance trainings (login required).
  • After completing the FERPA compliance training, you can request access to Campus Solutions (if your role requires it).
  • Register for any campus- or department-specific training, such as Procurement/marketplace training (login required), as requested by your supervisor. You are encouraged to explore offerings on the Connections & Learning site (login required), such as Safe Zone and Green Zone.
  • If applicable, submit a key request (login required).
  • If needed, review these IT resources:

Onboarding Resources for Supervisors

Supervisors play a critical role in onboarding their new hires. Below are resources and guidance to help you do so effectively so that your new hire has a positive onboarding experience.

Ensure their office space is clean and set up with appropriate furniture, technology, and office supplies.

  • If needed, submit a Facilities Work Order at least two weeks prior to a new hire’s first day to ensure their office/workspace gets a thorough cleaning before they arrive and to ensure that they have appropriate office furniture (such as a desk, chair, etc.).
  • Schedule an IT consultation to ensure new hires have the appropriate technology, such as a laptop/computer, monitors, keyboard, mouse, mouse pad, wrist rest, phone, etc., and that it is in good order (i.e., reset, working properly, etc.).
  • If needed, order office supplies such as a notebook/pad of paper, pens/pencils, hand sanitizer, tissues, etc. for your new hire’s workspace.
  • If needed, submit a key request.

Email or call your new hire before their first day to go over important information.

  • Confirm their start date and what time they are expected to arrive. Go over where to park and directions to their workspace, if needed.
  • Go over what they should wear on their first day and beyond (e.g., business casual, sneakers vs. dress shoes, etc.).
  • Go over any housekeeping items that may be important for them to know and appliances that your office provides (e.g., coffee or tea pot, fridge, microwave, etc.).
  • Go over team norms, if applicable.

Prepare a welcome announcement to your team and stakeholders. Ask your new hire to send a short biography that they wouldn’t mind being shared with colleagues and include this in your announcement, if appropriate.

Prepare an information/training packet that your new hire can get started on right away. This could include, but is not limited to:

  • An updated department phone/contact sheet.
  • Job-related reading materials.
  • A networking plan that facilitates connections between your new hire and colleagues in other departments.
  • Important links, such as the Academic Calendar, payroll schedule, and holiday schedule.

Leave a welcome card on the new hire’s desk so they feel welcome in their new work environment. Consider having your whole team sign the card.

Be on the lookout for an email from Lisa Eddy with important information about your new hire, such as their employee ID number and their invitation to new hire orientation (Monday mornings from 9:30-11:00 in-person at 120 Bedford Street on the Portland campus) and benefits webinar (11:15-12:00 via Zoom).

New hire orientation:

All regular, benefits-eligible new hires are required to attend new hire orientation, held on Monday mornings from 9:30-11:00 at the HR Office (120 Bedford Street, Portland campus), followed by a live benefits webinar from 11:15-12:00 (optional). Refer to the email sent by Lisa Eddy (subject line, “Congratulations on your recent hire”) for more information.

New hire paperwork:

New hires are instructed to complete the Onboarding Activity Guide via Employee Self-Service, which walks them through section 1 of the I-9 (section 2 of the I-9 must be completed by you, as the supervisor, or an HR representative within the new hire’s first three days), tax withholdings, direct deposit, benefits enrollment, etc. While you will not see the specific information your new hire enters (such as their bank account information, benefits elections, etc.), you will be able to monitor their progress with the Activity Guide and you should encourage them to complete it in a timely manner.

Employee ID card, parking pass, and directory listing:

  • Walk your new hire or give them directions to Card Services so they can obtain an employee ID card (they will need their employee ID as well as a photo ID). Complete a Door Access Request Form and send it to card.services@maine.edu.
  • Instruct your new hire to purchase a parking pass via Honk Mobile. Contact Parking Services with questions.
  • Work with appropriate department staff to add your new hire to your department’s People page.

Complete role-specific paperwork:

Type of AccessDescriptionForm/Contact
Campus SolutionsDoes your new hire need access to student information? (Must complete FERPA training before access is granted.)Campus Solutions Request
Time ApprovalWill your new hire be responsible for approving time for salaried, hourly, or student employees?Time Approver Request
HR SecurityDoes your new hire need access to employee information?Contact usmhr@maine.edu
General Ledger/FinancialsDoes your new hire need access to your department’s general ledger (GL) or financial information?Contact your department’s Financial Manager
Marketplace ApprovalsWill your new hire be responsible for approving Marketplace requisitions?Contact Strategic Procurement

Introductions and office/campus tour:

  • Be sure to introduce your new hire to the team and other colleagues who work nearby.
  • Show your new hire around their work environment. Be sure to show them their colleagues’ offices, kitchen (fridge, toaster, etc.), restrooms, breakroom, conference/meeting rooms, office equipment such as printer/photocopier, etc. If applicable, show your new hire around the building (beyond just your department).
  • Encourage your new hire to participate in a campus tour with a student ambassador. This is an excellent way to meet students and other colleagues as well as explore the campus(es).