USM Job Shadow Program

USM Job Shadow is a one-day program that gives USM students and alumni the opportunity to spend one full day shadowing employers in Maine and nationwide. The USM Job Shadow Program is a great way for USM students and alumni to form connections with employers and gain exposure to different career possibilities in a variety of industries. Job Shadow opportunities will be offered during one week of the spring and fall semesters. 

The USM Job Shadow program is a great opportunity to…

  • Network: Build connections with employers and expand your professional network.
  • Build your resume: Demonstrate your interest in a certain field (or fields) and show your willingness to learn.
  • Employment opportunities: Each day you spend doing a USM Shadow program could lead to a potential internship, part-time or full-time job!

The Job Shadow Program will resume in the Fall of 2024! Check back soon for program dates.

Multiple pictures of USM students posing with their host employers.
Job Shadow Program participants from Spring and Fall 22.

You will be required to submit a resume when applying for job shadow opportunities through the posting on the USM Job & Internship Board. No other documentation is required to apply for job shadow opportunities. The Career Hub recommends attending drop-in hours or making an appointment with a Peer Career Guide to prepare your resume before applying. 

We encourage you to think strategically about the types of opportunities you are applying for to ensure these meet your personal, academic, and professional goals. 

Please follow the instructions below to apply for Job Shadow Program opportunities:

How to Apply

  • Make an appointment or attend drop-in hours with a Peer Career Guide at the Career Hub to go over your resume and tailor it to the job shadow opportunities that interest you. If you don’t have a resume yet, that is okay! Check out this handout to get started and then meet with a Peer Career Guide to make sure you are on the right track! 
  • Sign in to the USM Job & Internship Board by logging into the MyUSM Campus Portal and clicking on the green “Job Board” icon on the launchpad. 
  • Type “USM Job Shadow Program” into the search bar to view a list of all job shadow opportunities. 
  • Double-check that the date and location of the job shadow opportunity you are applying for work for you. Remember you are responsible for your travel to the job shadow site. 
  • Upload your resume into your profile on the USM Job & Internship Board by clicking “profile” on the left side of the page and then “upload resume” on the right side of the page. 
  • Click “apply” on the job shadow opportunity posting that you are interested in and follow the instructions to submit your resume. (You will need to upload your resume into your profile on the USM Job & Internship Board to complete this step). 
  • Your resume will be sent to the Career Hub at USM for a final review before being sent to the employer.

Tips on Applying for the USM Job Shadow Program

  • Carefully read the location, date, and description of the shadowing opportunity to be sure the experience fits in your schedule and aligns with your interests and goals. 
  • We encourage you to apply for multiple job shadow opportunities to increase your chances of being selected. 
  • Apply ONLY to locations you know you can travel to.
  • Customize your resume specifically for each shadow opportunity.

Next Steps 

  • You will receive an email from the Career Hub within two weeks of submitting your resume to inform you of whether you have been selected to participate in the Job Shadow Program. 
  • There will be a mandatory orientation (available both in-person and via Zoom) approximately one week before your Job Shadow Program day. If you are unable to attend either orientation, please contact and we will work with you to schedule a 1:1 orientation. 
  • You will be required to sign a Photo, Video & Testimonial Release form
  • Your host employer will contact you at least one week before your job shadow day to introduce themselves and let you know where, when, and who you will be meeting. 
  • Research the organization where you will be job shadowing. 
  • Review the Career Hub’s materials about informational interviews and networking for success to prepare great questions and have productive conversations with your host employer. 
  • Review the Career Hub’s presentation about how to dress for success in professional settings. We recommend choosing what you will wear several days beforehand to make sure you arrive on time to your host employer! 

If you have questions about how to apply or about the program in general, please email

The Job Shadow Program will resume in the Fall of 2024! Check back soon for program dates.

The USM Job Shadow Program is open to all current USM undergraduate and graduate students, and also to USM alumni. Students from all majors and backgrounds are encouraged to participate! Your major does not have to be directly related to the employer/industry you shadow.

A typical Job Shadow day will include one or more of the following: 

  • Informational interviews with one or more employees 
  • Attending meetings and/or events 
  • Tour of the building/facilities 
  • Opportunities to observe and ask questions about daily/routine tasks 
  • Participation in the organization’s interactions with clients 
  • Meeting interns and USM alumni working at the organization 
  • Learning about job and internship opportunities 

To view a list of all employers participating in the USM Job Shadow Program, please visit this webpage.

  • You are responsible for making sure you can travel to your job shadow site. USM will not provide any compensation for costs associated with travel. 
  • You will not receive academic credit or any form of monetary compensation for participating in the Job Shadow Program. 
  • You will be required to complete a mandatory orientation before your job shadow day. If you are selected for a job shadow opportunity, the Career Hub will reach out to you with orientation details. Orientations will take place approximately one week before your job shadow day and will be available both in-person and via Zoom. 
  • After your Job Shadow Program day, you will be required to send a thank you note to the employer, submit a 1-2 sentence description of your experience to the Career Hub, and complete a post-program evaluation survey.

Q: What types of industries/companies/organizations participate in the USM Job Shadow Program?

A: A wide variety of employers participate in the USM Job Shadow program. To view an updated list of participating employers, please log in to the USM Job & Internship Board by first logging into MyCampus and then clicking on the green “Job Board” Icon. Once the page has opened, type “USM Job Shadow Program” in the search bar. 

Q: How many job shadow opportunities can I apply for?

A: You can apply for as many job shadow opportunities as you would like. We encourage you to think strategically about the opportunities you apply for and how these align with your professional goals and interests. 

Q: Will I need to do an interview with the Career Hub or with the employer to participate in the Job Shadow Program? 

A: No, an interview is not required to participate. You will simply need to submit your resume after having it reviewed by a Career Advisor. If selected, you will meet with a Career Hub staff member to answer any questions you have. 

Q: Is participation in the Job Shadow Program limited to specific majors? 

A: No – all majors are encouraged to participate in the Job Shadow Program. This is a great way to explore potential career paths that you might have not previously considered, so feel free to apply for opportunities that do not align with your major. This is a great opportunity to learn something new!

Q: What do I do if I want to participate but none of the opportunities align with my major or interests? 

A: The USM Job Shadow Program is a great way to learn about different types of careers and industries. We encourage you to apply for any opportunity that seems interesting to you, even if it is not related to your major or previous work experience. 

Q: I did not get selected to participate in a job shadow opportunity. What are my options? 

A: The Job Shadow Program occurs once per semester, so you will have an opportunity to apply again in the next semester. In the meantime, we recommend that you work with the Career Hub to craft a great resume, learn about different career paths, and define your professional interests and goals. 

Q: What happens if there is a snow day and USM and the host site are closed?  

A: Please communicate directly with your host site in the event of severe weather on your Job Shadow day to potentially reschedule a Job Shadow day that works for you and the host site. 

Excellent! Please complete this form and a member of our team will be in touch with you shortly.

If your organization is interested in hosting a USM student or alumni and would like to receive more information, please reach out to Peter Hofmann, Career Liaison, at