Community Standards and Mediation

The office of Community Standards and Mediation is responsible for the adjudication of cases involving violations of the University of Maine System Student Conduct Code and investigations of Title IX reports. Learn more about Community Standards and Mediation.

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University Policies

All members of the University community share a responsibility for maintaining an environment where actions are guided by mutual respect, integrity, and reason.

Student Conduct Process

The steps involved related to the process applied when a student is documented in an Incident Report (violation of the Student Conduct Code).

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Concerned About a Student?

Contacting us and submitting a report are easy ways to inform us if you are concerned about a student.

Academic Integrity

The University of Southern Maine recognizes that adherence to high principles of academic integrity is vital to the academic function of the University.

Student Conduct Committee

The Student Conduct Committee (SCC) is the hearing board that is responsible for reviewing cases from students who have violated the Student Conduct Code.