Whether you choose to specialize in Community Art or K-12, Art Education offers invaluable experience teaching in a variety of educational settings for learning to work with students of all ages, abilities, and cultural backgrounds.

FOCUS YOUR STUDIES – You’ll take a rigorous schedule of diverse studio courses with the option of concentrating in Ceramics, Painting and Drawing, Photography and Digital Art & Design, or Sculpture.

COMMUNITY CONNECTIONS – USM Art Education faculty and students run the ArtLab program, a series of Saturday art classes with area youth.  ArtLab provides Art Education students with practices in writing curriculum and teaching art classes to children ages 8-16.

REAL WORLD EXPERIENCE – You’ll complete an internship in one of our K-12 districts across the state, or in a community art program in one of USM’s Art Education’s fifteen partner organization.  And you’ll graduate with a K-12 teacher certification in Maine or a Community Arts endorsement with all the teaching experience you need for professional success.

ACCREDITED PROGRAM – USM is the only university in New England to offer an accredited degree in Community Art Education, preparing you to become a leader in the growing field of community-based art education, locally and globally.

TEACHING LICENSURE – The USM Art Education program prepares students to be eligible for K-12 teaching licensure within the state of Maine.  Visit the USM State Authorization and Licensure page to learn more about licensure requirements in other states and territories, and for contact information to inquire further about the licensure requirements associated with this program.

“There are many ways to be an art educator in today’s world. Through individualized teaching experiences, students make decisions on where, and in which communities, they belong as art educators.”
— Kelly Hrenko, Professor of Art Education

University of Minnesota, PhD Art Education

Testimonial Headshot of Kelly Hrenko


BFA Art Eduction BFA Exhibition, Art student and their student's artwork
Art Education BFA Exhibition, showcasing Art Ed. student artwork along with examples from student-teaching.