USM Art Galleries Gorham and Portland

The University of Southern Maine Art Galleries are a vital educational and cultural resource serving the Art Department, the University, Southern Maine, and the Northeast. Learn more about USM Art Galleries Gorham and Portland.

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A large warehouse room has three rows of white desks stretching all the way back. On each desk is a white book with a year inscribed.

Volunteers needed for Artist-in-Residence Project

Assist artist Amy Stacey Curtis with "The Color of Memory" installation and exhibition.
A girl swings from a vertical cylindrical jungle gym at night in a city setting.

Re-Emergence: The 2022 Art Department Exhibition

Our departmental exhibition celebrates the wide array of instructors and staff working across media and disciplines at USM. Open by appointment starting January 27.

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A woman is seated at a desk looking directly at the viewer. Behind her is a wall of white boxes on black shelving with years etched on them.

Artist-in-Residence Lecture: Amy Stacey Curtis: The Color of Memory

Artist-in-Residence Amy Stacey Curtis invites all USM community members to learn more about her installation project, “The Color of Memory," through this lecture.
A woman stands at left in a jacket with stars in front of a blue sky with clouds. To her right htere is a radiating heart and a red table.

2022 Juried Student Exhibition

The Art Gallery is pleased to announce its 2022 Juried Student Show! Students from all majors are invited to submit work.

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Call/Response Opening Lecture

Watch artists Hannah Barnes and Susan Klein discuss their work at the opening to their Call/Response Exhibition.

Icelandic artwork on Eastern Prom

Artist-in-Residence Ólöf Nordal's "Hella Rock," an Icelandic and Maine rock paired with the other's concrete casting, has been installed on the Eastern Prom.