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An image of seven pieces of art in a 3 x 3 grid with the outlier on the bottom left. On the bottom right is written "Pulped Under Pressure".

Pulped Under Pressure

Our Fall 2022 Exhibition, focusing on papermaking as an artform with a purpose.
A woman braids synthetic hair at a desk. The woman has long hair and is wearing a green facemask.

Sneak Peek: Our 2023 Artist-in-Residence

Read more about artist Veronica A. Perez's engagement with USM

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A horizontal image segmented into six spaces, each with an image of a work by a member of the 2022 BFA cohort at USM. The top left is a sculpture of multiple wmoan's faces, top middle is a ceramic bowl with a skull, top right is a cat with an astronaut helmet, bottom left is a portrait of a woman staring directly at the viewer, bottom middle is a pink dress in mid air, and bottom right is a landmark as seen through the lower half of someone's legs and boots.

2022 BFA/BA Exhibition

Learn more about the 2022 BFA exhibition.

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Artist-in-Residence Amy Stacey Curtis's Lecture

USM's 2022 Artist-in-Residence Amy Stacey Curtis discusses her artistic practice and her project with USM, titled, "The Color of Memory."

Call/Response Opening Lecture

Watch artists Hannah Barnes and Susan Klein discuss their work at the opening to their Call/Response Exhibition.

Icelandic artwork on Eastern Prom

Artist-in-Residence Ólöf Nordal's "Hella Rock," an Icelandic and Maine rock paired with the other's concrete casting, has been installed on the Eastern Prom.




Pulped Under Pressure Opening

6:00 PM, Gorham campus, Art Gallery, 5 University Way, Gorham, ME