Spring 2024 USM Department of Theatre & Osher School of Music’s Production of The Prom 

Currently enrolled USM student performers of all races and ethnicities, gender identities, orientations, abilities, and ages are encouraged to audition.

Please review all information. The link to sign up for an audition can be found at the bottom of this page.

Character Breakdown; Additional Show, Audition, and Callback Information 

Directed by Danny Hutchins

Music Direction by Ed Reichert

Choreography by Vanessa Beyland

Intimacy Coordination by Janice Gardner

Director’s Note: 

The Prom explores prescient themes that are directly impacting communities today. While the show opened on Broadway in 2018, its themes are arguably more relevant today than five years ago. I remember seeing the show on Broadway and being struck by its use of comedy and joy to allow access to poignant and challenging issues. As more anti-LGBTQIA+ laws are introduced and passed every year, whether they be book bans, limits on discussions on identity in public school, restrictions on gender-affirming healthcare, bans on drag shows, and more, it is essential to bring forward this show’s message of inclusion, tolerance, and compassion. 

At its core, this show is about how queer people (whether it be Emma or Alyssa’s contemporary struggle or Barry’s struggle back in the 1980s) are often forced by society to hide their identity. To that end, we envision this show as a true ensemble piece. There will be many moments where we will utilize ensemble members to tell the story through staging and dance to create the environment that forces Emma and Alyssa to hide who they are and more fully depict the community in which this show occurs. To tell this story, we seek performers of all identities and perspectives. While there is a character breakdown below for the named characters, we are looking for ensemble members willing to engage in the story, play an active role in storytelling, and help us craft our version of this production. Importantly, we are looking for actors who will bring themselves to the rules. Therefore, the character descriptions (except the vocal ranges) are merely background information on how these characters were written. We are excited to see what you will bring to these characters to give them new life. All actors will be vital, so I really encourage everyone interested, regardless of experience in musical theater specifically, to audition. 

This is a show I wish existed when I was younger. I cannot wait to meet you all and bring this story to life together!

Danny Hutchins

Director, The Prom

About the Show


Four self-important Broadway stars desperately need to revitalize their stalling careers. So when they hear a small town in Indiana is preventing a lesbian student from attending her prom, they know that it’s time to put a spotlight on the issue…and, more “importantly,” themselves. Even though this student (Emma) just wants to bring her girlfriend to the prom, the town’s parents have other plans in mind, setting the entire town on a date with destiny. While originally to benefit their own selfish ends, Broadway’s brassiest eventually embark on a mission to change lives. After joining forces with a courageous girl and the town’s citizens, the result is a love that brings them all together. The Prom proves that meddling in issues you do not understand will have unintended consequences while also beautifully declaring that sometimes a chosen family is all that is needed. In a time when LGTQ rights and identities are being challenged across the country, Emma’s journey in The Prom boldly represents the power young people have to chart a new course for their communities, whether it be a small town in Indiana or beyond!

Character Breakdown: 

  • Emma Nolan: a reluctant surrogate for the broader struggle for LGBTQ rights, Emma just wants to go to the prom with her girlfriend. Earnest and kind, Emma finds her adoptive family throughout the course of the show. Strong dramatic acting ability is required. This role will include an onstage kiss.
    • Vocal Range: F3 – E5. Strong soloist. Needs to have a strong mix/belt.
  • Alyssa Green: a quintessential high school honor roll student and cheerleader, Alyssa is caught between who she really is and her mom’s expectations of her. While she desperately wants to come out and openly go to the prom with Emma, Alyssa struggles to overcome the pressure society puts on her. Strong dramatic acting ability is required. This role will include an onstage kiss.
    • Vocal Range: Ab3 – Eb5. Strong soloist. 
  • Mr. Hawkins: a musical theater fanatic and high school principal, Mr. Hawkins is a zealous advocate for the most marginalized within his school community. Troubled by the town’s dilapidation after an economic downturn in their community, Mr. Hawkins seeks to provide as many opportunities as possible to the students of James Madison High School. While he loves all musicals, he is a Dee Dee Allen superfan. This role will include an onstage kiss.
    • Vocal Range: G2 – C4. Bass/baritone.
  • Mrs. Green: an intense, conservative, and protective single mother, Mrs. Green seeks to provide Alyssa with the opportunities she never had growing up. Due to a local factory–the town’s primary employer–moving overseas, Mrs. Green has seen their town change substantially over the years. She seeks to assert control by preventing any more change. Despite the crushing and unachievable expectations she places on Alyssa, she loves her very much.
    • Vocal Range: A3 – C5. Primarily ensemble singing with some solo singing.
  • Barry Glickman: having grown up as a gay man in the 1980s, Barry now seeks to live his life as flamboyantly and authentically as possible. Having achieved his dream of becoming a Broadway star, Barry now realizes that there is more to life than fame and accolades. He sees himself in Emma, having also been kicked out of his house for coming out. He becomes extremely passionate about providing her with the prom he never had. Strong comedic acting is required. 
    • Vocal Range: B2 – F#4. Big B’way belter. High baritone/tenor.
  • Dee Dee Allen: a Broadway diva (think Patti LuPone). Dee Dee grew up very poor in a small town and worked tooth and nail to become a Broadway star and win two Tony Awards. Now divorced with a career on a downward spiral, Dee Dee struggles to break free from the narcissism fame has fostered within her. Underneath it all, she yearns to do something good for someone other than herself. This role will include an onstage kiss.
    • Vocal Range: E3 – D5. Needs to have a strong belt or a very strong mix/belt.
  • Trent Oliver: a proud Juilliard graduate, Trent has hit a dry spell in his career. Despite being self-involved, he yearns to find a meaning in life that he has not felt since his time at Juilliard. Throughout the show, he finds his passion for teaching drama through his experience fostering empathy in the students of James Madison High School.
    • Vocal Range: C3 – Ab4. Large vocal range. 
  • Angie Dickinson: a long-time chorus girl and ensemble member of Chicago on Broadway. Dreams of getting out of the chorus and playing Roxie Hart. Angie has a heart of gold and specifically takes to Emma. Fun-loving and always attempts to lighten the mood. Must be a strong dancer.
    • Vocal Range: Ab3 – E5. 
  • Shelby and Kaylee: Students at James Madison High School. Both are on the cheerleading team with Alyssa and consider her a close friend. Emma’s main bullies for most of the show. Throughout the show, Shelby and Kaylee realize they bully Emma because of ignorance. Both must be strong dancers. These roles may include an onstage kiss.
    • Vocal Ranges: Wide vocal ranges.
  • Nick and Kevin: Students at James Madison High School. Dating Shelby and Kaylee, respectively. Huge jocks. Similar to Shelby and Kaylee, both bully Emma because of their ignorance. Both must be strong dancers. These roles may include an onstage kiss.
    • Vocal Ranges: Nick must have a solid F4; Kevin must have a solid F5. 
  • Ensemble: Various roles, including reporters, students, dream dancers, parents, and more. The ensemble includes singing and speaking roles, in addition to featured dancers. Specific roles to be distributed on the first day of rehearsal.
    • Various vocal ranges.

Audition Information
Audition Workshop Dates:

  • Dance Audition Prep Workshop with Choreographer Vanessa Beyland
    • Sunday, November 5th, from 7-9:00 pm in Corthell Room 320
      • Note from Vanessa Beyland, choreographer: This will be a chance to learn some of the choreography that will be included in the audition for The Prom with the hopes that performers will use the time in between the workshop and the actual auditions to work on the movement, so they can show up with confidence and give it all they have at the auditions. The dancing in the USM’s spring musical The Prom is like a character of its own. It combines a mix of the more traditional musical theater dance with newer contemporary jazz and hip-hop styles. The dancing brings the show to life and requires not only good technique but a huge amount of commitment to the performance and energy on stage. We are looking for people of all levels who are very good movers who represent a diverse community and can bring that power, spirit, and enthusiasm to the show. This is open to everyone!
  • Auditioning for a Musical Workshop with Musical Director Ed Reichert and Director Danny Hutchins
    • Wednesday, November 8th from 6-7:30pm in Corthell Room 110 
  • This workshop is a chance for all interested in auditioning to learn how to execute and prepare a singing audition properly. The workshop will focus on both the singing and song interpretation skills required for a successful musical audition. This will be a fun, hands-on workshop that will help you feel prepared for the audition. Even if you have prepared for a musical audition before, we strongly encourage attendance as it will be an opportunity to hear what this production team will be looking for at the audition. This is open to all!

Important Audition Dates:

  • Dance Audition
    • Monday, November 27th – 6:00pm-7:30pm in Corthell 320
      • This is required for all interested in performing in any capacity, regardless of dance experience.
  • Singing/Acting Auditions (by appointment)
    • Monday, November 27th, 7:45pm-9:30pm in Corthell 320
    • Wednesday, November 29th, 6:00pm-9:30pm in Corthell 320
      • What to Prepare:
        • A monologue of your choice (not to exceed 60 seconds); AND
        • Either (please bring your sheet music!):
          • (1) two contrasting 16 bar cuts; OR 
          • (2) one 32-bar cut of a song.
  • Callbacks 
    • Thursday, November 30th, from 6:00-9:45 pm in Corthell 320
      • Callback list and schedule will be distributed via email by 7am on Thursday, November 30th. Sides will be included with the callback list.

Important Rehearsal Information:
Important Fall Semester Rehearsal Dates:

  • Sunday, December 3rd from 10am-2pm: Full Cast Music Rehearsal with Ed
  • Monday, December 4th from 6-9pm: Full Cast Music Rehearsal with Ed
  • Tuesday, December 5th from 6-9pm: Full Cast Rehearsal: Intimacy Meeting with Janice Gardner and Meet and Greet & Read Through 
  • Friday, December 8th from 6-9pm: Table Character Work with Danny (Specific Schedule TBA)

General Spring 2024 rehearsals

  • Roughly January through April
  • Weeknights (certain days) approx. 6:30-9:30pm
  • Saturday mornings/afternoons
  • No rehearsals Monday, 3/11- Sunday, 3/17 (spring break)
  • More specific spring rehearsal dates will be provided at a later date.

Tech Dates:

  • Friday, March 29th (time TBD, but anticipate full day)
  • Saturday, March 30th (time TBD, but anticipate full day)
  • Monday-Thursday, April 1st-April 4th (6pm-10pm)

Performance Schedule:

  • Friday, April 5th @ 7pm
  • Saturday, April 6th @ 7pm
  • Sunday, April 7th @ 2pm
  • Wednesday, April 10th @ 10am (NOTE: Morning matinee!)
  • Thursday, April 11th @ 7pm
  • Friday, April 12th @ 10am (NOTE: Morning matinee!)
  • Friday, April 12th @ 7pm
  • Saturday, April 13th @ 7pm
  • Sunday, April 14th @ 2pm

Production Team Contact Info:

If you have specific questions about these auditions, please contact:
For general audition questions, contact Danny Hutchins (director): daniel.hutchins@maine.edu 

For music-specific questions, contact Ed Reichert (music director): edward.reichert@maine.edu 

For dance-specific questions, contact Vanessa Beyland (choreographer): vanessa.beyland@maine.edu