History Major

History students become familiar with the past, forces of change, and the varieties of historical scholarship that examine cultures and events across time and place. Dynamic History faculty offer hands-on learning opportunities in the classroom and in the local community. Learn more about History Major.

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Forthcoming Book by Rogoff February 2023

Announcing a memoir from former NBA player, Kendrick “Perk” Perkins with USM adjunct professor Seth Rogoff

Are We Still Talking About Race?

Dr. McCalpin's talk, for the 6th Annual DuBois Lecture, centers on understanding race as a social construction that has been embedded with meaning and consequence.

Accelerated Graduate Pathway to History (UMaine)

MA degree intended for students seeking credentials to secure employment in jobs which emphasize research, analytical skills, and critical thinking.
Rogoff Book and Synopsis

Professor Seth Rogoff's new book The Politics of the Dreamscape

This book traces the intersection of dreams and power