History Major

History students become familiar with the past, forces of change, and the varieties of historical scholarship that examine cultures and events across time and place. Dynamic History faculty offer hands-on learning opportunities in the classroom and in the local community. Learn more about History Major.

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HTY 366: History of Religion in America

A history of religion in American society from the colonial era to the present. Cr 3. Online, Spring 2019.

Critical Race Theory

RCE 299, Spring 2019, Tues and Thurs 1:15-2:30, Portland Campus

Truth and Denial: Killing Orders of the Ottoman Government

The Story Behind "The Smoking Gun": A Presentation of Never-Before-Seen Documents by Dr. Taner Akcam. Full lecture recorded on April 6th.

Putting History to Work 2018-2019

A new grant funded University of Maine system internship program for 2018-2019, for History and Art History majors and minors across all seven campuses.