Inclusion, Diversity, and Equity Council (IDEC)

IDEC Committees

There are six standing committees. Participation is open to all members of the USM community, and earns anyone a vote in IDEC decisions. Ad-hoc committees may be established at the request of the IDAC membership.


Meetings are open to any member of the USM community, schedules are set by the committees themselves. If you are interested in participating in any of the committees, please contact that committee’s Co-Chairs for more information.

For general information, visit our Membership page

IDEC Committees

Hiring and Retention Committee

Advice on issues and policies involving the hiring, training, retention of USM faculty and staff. For more information, please contact committee co-chair: Amarpreet Kohli.

Curriculum Committee

Advises on issues and policies involving the USM curriculum. Supports dissemination of best practices and policies regarding curriculum. Supports curriculum audits, improvements, and other changes related to diversity, equity, and inclusion. Works closely with departments who conducted curriculum improvement to share their model with other USM departments and programs. For more information, please contact committee co-chairs: Krissy Gleason and Rebecca Nisetich

Student Experience Committee (led by the IDEC Fellows)

Serves as a bridge between students and administration. Voices concerns and ideas from fellow students, especially those who are marginalized or oppressed. Works in service to students, IDEC and the USM community through outreach activities, collaborations, and advocacy. For more information, please contact the IDEC Student Fellows.

Programming Committee

Responsible for planning and implementing programming to educate, engage, and empower the USM community in regards to IDEC’s mission and values. Create an equitable process for funding collaborative programming on campus. For more information, please contact committee co-chairs: Susan Bock and Noel Neptune.

(New in 2020-21) Policy Committee

Responsible for maintaining the bylaws and works with students, faculty, and staff to understand how current policy or standing practices or procedures perpetuate systemic inequalities, research best practices for change, and make formal or informal policy recommendations. departments solve systemic policy problems. For more information, please contact committee co-chairs: Sarah Holmes and Eli Rubin.

(New in 2020-21) Communications & Resources Committee

Collaborate with IDEC’s administrative assistant to maintain a webpage and an intranet site with information on IDEC; collaborate organizing of IDEC files (currently shared google drive); collaborate communication to the USM community; collaborate to design an annual IDEC calendar. In collaboration with the University’s Libraries, gather resources supporting IDEC’s mission. Members of this committee will be responsible for note-taking at full Council meetings, and co-chairs will be responsible for note-taking at Steering Committee meetings. For more information, please contact committee co-chairs: Barbi Ives and Mindy Butler.

Ad hoc

Created as needed to deal with issues outside the responsibilities or needing resources beyond the Committees.  If you would like to recommend an Ad Hoc committee, contact the IDEC co-chairs. 


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