LAC's Career Planning and Internship Advantage

How to Request a Waiver

Our Career Development Courses LAC 269, LAC 413, and LAC 447 are helpful to all students, even to those who are not planning a career change.   We are proud of our Career Development Series and the opportunities provided to our students, however, there may be circumstances that a waiver request may be submitted. 

VERY IMPORTANT:  Any request for waivers of these courses must be submitted prior to taking the course as waivers are not automatically granted.

Exploring Careers (LAC 269) emphasizes on gaining and managing career information whether it is at your current place of employment or beyond.

It’s always important to have an updated professional resume and to be aware of the professional networking tools you’ll need for marketing yourself to prospective employers.  Job Search Skills (LAC 413) is the course that will help make you more marketable in a very competitive world.

Internship (LAC 447) provides you an opportunity to develop professional skills and confirm your interest of a specific career area.   You gain an edge when your job search begins because you have the skills and relevant experience that employers are seeking. 

If you are not interested in a career change, you may request a waiver for any or all of these.  If you are currently employed and not seeking a career change, you may request a waiver for any or all of these courses.  This request must be submitted before your last two semesters.  This allows time for you to complete your internship if your request is denied or make up the credits if your request is approved, keeping you on track to graduate.

To request a waiver, click on Internship Waiver Form.  Print, complete and give it to your faculty advisor and a copy to the Dean.  Your faculty advisor will notify you as well as your academic advisor and the Dean within one week of his/her receiving the request. Advisor notes will be added to your file.