In the University of Southern Maine (USM) Social and Behavioral Sciences program, a critical component is the internship experience (SBS 447). An internship allows students to gain relevant knowledge, skills, and hands-on experience in the field that interests them while establishing connections in the workforce.

During your final year of undergraduate study, you will complete your internship. All students in the SBS majors are required, as part of their program, to do a 3-credit hour internship, which consists of 120 hours of work at the work site (about 10 to 12 hours a week) and completion of several online assignments. Some students may elect up to 6 hours after seeking approval from their faculty advisors. With the assistance of their faculty advisor, current course instructor, and the administrative specialist, students identify an organization that will enable them to evaluate potential career opportunities.

As someone who was slow to come around to the idea of a required internship class, I am very grateful that I got to participate in this opportunity. The experiential learning aspect of internship really speaks to me. Also, as I am amidst a career change, the past few months have really opened my eyes to the multitudes of pathways forward, pathways I otherwise would not have known about.

Laura Kalian, ’22

Our Partnerships

We’ve built strong partnerships with local businesses and organizations, which offer our students the opportunity to gain experience in a variety of settings. The internship site supervisors value their partnerships with the University of Southern Maine. Our students gain an edge when their job search begins because they have the skills and relevant experience that employers are seeking. Some students have even been hired by their internship organization at the end of their internship. We are proud of the businesses we team with and our internship students!