LAC's Career Planning and Internship Advantage

Your Responsibilities as an Intern in the Workplace

During the intership:

  • Be punctual, and work the required number of hours, at the times agreed to by you and your supervisor.
  • Notify the workplace if you are unable to attend as planned.
  • Behave and dress appropriately to the particular workplace.
  • Respect the confidentiality of the workplace, its clients and its employees.
  • If you electronically post anything for or about your internship, know the companies policies concerning professional and social media.  Remember that when you post online, more than your close circle of friends may see your post.
  • Regarding social media, remember that you are not only representing your host company, the College, and your family, more importantly, you are representing yourself and your professionalism - be careful what you post and beware of what other post about you.
  • Check out responsibilites at the work site with the supervisor, and make sure you know what your are expected to do, and how you should behave.
  • Be positive and enthusiastic about the internship; if things are slow take the initiative and volunteer for different tasks or other work.
  • Discuss any problems with your supervisor and with your Intership Professor or Internship Coordinator.
  • Start networking with others in your career field.