The Learning Assistant (LA) Program at USM is based on a well-established framework for increasing student engagement, learning, and success. Since its initial inception, USM’s LA Program has expanded to include a broad array of academic disciplines, with the model incorporated into large lecture courses, labs, and small seminars through face-to-face and online modalities. 

While there are LA programs at over 250 institutions of higher education, USM’s has notable and unique attributes:

  • The LA Program is structurally integrated with other academic peer support programs including Subject-Based Tutoring, Peer Academic Coaching, Adult Learner Coaching, Technology Coaching, and Writing Assistance.
  • LAs often serve in intentionally-dual roles (i.e., LAs simultaneously serving as Subject-Based Tutors) to offer more holistic and impactful support to students
  • All LAs are paid student employees of USM, compensated for every hour of training, planning, and direct service
  • All LAs and LA Program faculty participate in active and ongoing communities of practice for professional development and quality assurance