Recreating a Scaled Lobster Boat for Maine Maritime Museum

Community Partner, Donald Wescott, recreated a Maine lobster boat in 1/8 scale as a 3d printed model project which will be exhibited in the Maine Maritime Museum.

3D Topological Maps for Cape Elizabeth Land Trust

Community Partner, Philip Mathieu, from Cape Elizabeth Land Trust Educational Programming made 3D Topological Maps of Cape Elizabeth at MIST.

2021 Maine STEM Film Challenge Trophy

2021 Maine STEM Film Challenge support: MIST student techs designed, printed and put together the trophies for the challenge award winners.

3D printed Vampire Bat Skull

3D printed Vampire Bats Skull with UMM Faculty

Project supporting USM faculty

Magnetometer Part for USM Engineering Faculty

Urban Planning Project

Urban Planning Project with USM Faculty and students