The Maker Innovation Studio is an open lab and studio space where USM students, staff and faculty are free to pursue their own creative and innovative ideas. Student techs serve as guides, resources and technical experts for people using the lab space.

General responsibilities of MIST Student Employees include:

Receptions and Operation

  • Greeting visitors and answering questions
  • Assisting in tours and events
  • Assisting with classes and workshop taking place in the studio
  • Ensure users are taking proper safety precautions when necessary
  • Assist making MIST workshop, promotional materials and help with event, courses, and users.

Lab Maintenance

  • Keeping the space clean and organized
  • Assisting staff in maintaining equipment
  • Assisting users in operating equipment*
  • Restocking materials
  • Assisting New equipment/software installation and testing
  • Producing Promotional Materials

MIST Projects

  • Optional Independent project. (Please submit a project application for review)
  • Advanced students will join various MIST projects
  • MIST Student techs must be a USM student in good academic standing and responsible to actively participate in MIST events.
  • The first semester at the MIST is the exploratory period. We are taking only the best students who are responsible, able to learn new technologies, good team players, and work toward a positive impact on the community.
  • Supervision required before being trained to use equipment in the MIST. Consult with the supervisor, MIST technician, or students who have been trained.

Payroll and Shift Information:

  • Keep track of your total number of hours worked so that you do not overspend your award.
  • Enter your hours in Maine Street at the end of each week. Failure to do so may result in a delayed paycheck.
  • We expect you to work the hours that we have assigned, however, if you need to adjust your hours a certain week you must let us know in advance.
  • Depending on event needs, we may adjust weekly hours. We will let you know in advance if this happens.

Before Hiring Process:

  • Both Federal Work study Funds and Department Funded Employment are available in the MIST. We suggest all applicants to consult with a Financial Aid Counselor first for the Federal Work Study Funds availability.
  • Know your Current Course Schedule and GPA (FWS 6CU, DWS 3CU)
  • Submit the MIST Student Employment Application Form in the next tab
  • Schedule an interview with Dr. So Young Han at
  • Discuss: Work study schedule, Starting date, tasks

Most Forms below are available online. Please get help from the Campus Student Employment (HR office)

  • E-Hire Submission (by supervisor)
  • Form I-9 (Need to bring IDs)
  • Form W-4 & W-4ME
  • Direct Deposit Form

After E-Hire request submitted and paperworks processed you will need to complete