So Young Han Ph.D.

Director of Maker Innovation and Step Up STEM

Headshot of Drew Sfirri wearing baseball cap and glasses

Drew Sfirri

MIST Lead Technician and STEM Project Manager

Maya Twombly's headshot

Maya Twombly

MIST Administrative Specialist


MIST Student Technicians

Psalms Lovejoy

[Chemistry] Graphic Design, Adobe Illustrator, Photoshop, NASAOther Great Skills

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Headshot of Mike wearing Glasses

Mike Rittall

[Biology] Entrepreneurship, UV Print, Blender, VR , Other Great Skills

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MIST student Techs looking at the cubeSat camera

Join the Ninja!

Headshot of Natasha with glasses

Natasha Malia

[English] Art, English, 2D Graphics, Photoshop, other great Skills

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Kayla O’Connor

[Communications & Media] USM Women’s Soccer Team, 3D printing, Laser Cutting, Other Great Skills

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James Gore

[Computer Science] IT, coding, Java, Python, Electric Circuit

Gwen Bolduc-Ignasiak

[Psychology/Criminology] Vinyl Cutter, Heat Press, Sewing and Embroidery, Woodworking, Other Great Skills

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Jules Cooper

[Art & Entrepreneurial Studies] Photography & Content Creator, Sewing & Embroidery, Graphic Design, other great Skills

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Zach Laverriere

[Cyber Security] IT, Website, Woodworking, Epoxy, VR Development, Photography, 3D scanning, Other Great Skills

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