Department of Computer Science Has New Home

The University of Southern Maine’s Computer Science Department has a new home – the Michael E. Dubyak Center for Digital Science and Innovation. The newly renovated facility houses classrooms, research labs, collaborative spaces, and faculty offices.

Dubyak Center

At the heart of the center is its mission to drive advancement in computer science through collaborative, interdisciplinary research and innovation. The space facilitates public-private partnerships and technology transfer.

“The Dubyak Center will catalyze innovation by uniting great minds from across academia, industry, and our local community,” said Dr. James Quinlan, assistant professor of computer science. “We are elated to be housed in this modern hub nurturing new technologies and empowering students to become leaders in computing fields.”

Small Meeting Space

The facility boasts a high-tech classroom with 30 computer workstations ideal for tech workshops, coding camps, and community meetings. The tech café offers a spacious common area where students can gather for study groups, informal collaboration, or to take a break between classes.

Several new research labs enable faculty and students to undertake pioneering projects in emerging focus areas like deep learning, natural language processing, image recognition, and scientific computing. Through funded research opportunities, students will gain invaluable real-world experience.


The research labs provide the ideal environment for faculty and students to tackle complex real-world problems through computational approaches. Students have access to high-performance computing resources to handle large datasets. The space is designed to foster cross-disciplinary collaboration; researchers from multiple fields and disciplines can leverage the labs. Industry partnerships further enrich the innovation ecosystem. Opportunities exist for leading technology firms to sponsor research, provide data, and fund student internships to fuel breakthroughs. The Dubyak Center facilitates these collaborative projects that shape the future of computer science that will positively impact society.

The Michael E. Dubyak Center for Digital Science and Innovation represents the University of Southern Maine’s commitment to pushing boundaries in computer science research, education, and innovation.