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LILAC Team Presents at Oxford Brookes University Conference

The USM LILAC team presented their work at the Eighteenth International Conference on Interdisciplinary Social Sciences July 2023 at Oxford Brookes University in Oxford,Read More

New cross-university consortium dedicated to aging policy

The new Consortium for Aging Policy Research and Analysis (CAPRA) will provide a “go-to” entity for accessing cross-campus expertise to those looking for independent policy research, analysis, guidance, or technical assistance on issues relating to aging or older people.

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University of Southern Maine researchers identify ambulance deserts, rural healthcare needs

Areas with the most limited access to ambulance services include the Appalachian region in the South, Western states with difficult mountainous terrain, coastal areas across the U.S., and the rural mountainous areas of Maine, Vermont, Oregon, and Washington.

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Professors Murphy and Ebben Edit Forthcoming issue of Learning, Media and Technology

No doubt folks have heard about artificial intelligence (AI) developments such as ChatGPT. But what do such technologies mean for education? University of SouthernRead More