branch of bush as florishSpring 2023

CourseProfessorSession DatesMode/PlaceDay/TimeNotes
PHI 105: Intro-Philosophy thru HistoryKenneth Knight1/17/23-5/5/23Portland Monday/Wednesday 12:30-1:45Coming soon !

PHI 105: Intro-Philosophy thru History
Joseph Arel1/17/23-5/5/23OnlineComing soon !
PHI 205: LogicYishai Cohen1/17/23-5/5/23PortlandMonday/Wednesday 12:30-1:45Coming soon !
PHI 210: Ethical TheoriesYishai Cohen1/17/23-5/5/23PortlandTuesday/Thursday 12:30-1:45Coming soon !

PHI 220: Phil of Art and Visual Culture
William Seeley1/17/23-5/5/23OnlineComing soon !
PHI 240: Political PhilosophyKenneth Knight1/17/23-5/5/23OnlineComing soon !
PHI 275: Nature of CompassionSandra Dutkowsky1/17/23-5/5/23OnlineComing soon !
PHI 285: Biology, Technology, and EthicsWilliam Seeley1/17/23-5/5/23OnlineComing soon !
PHI 295: Medicine, Madness & DiseaseJulien Murphy7 week session!
Begins in March
OnlineComing soon !
PHI 310: History of Ancient PhilosophyJoseph Arel1/17/23-5/5/23PortlandMonday/Wednesday 12:30-1:45Coming soon !
PHI 330: ExistentialismJulien Murphy7 week session! Begins in March.OnlineComing soon !
PHI 399: Happiness and the Good LifeJulien Murphy7 week session! Begins in March.OnlineComing soon !
PHI 400: Philosophy Seminar: Race, Class, Gender: The Problem of IdentityJason Read1/17/23-5/5/23PortlandTuesday/Thursday 2:00-3:15Coming soon !
REL 240: Meaning, Morality, ReligionBennett Comerford1/17/23-5/5/23OnlineComing soon !