What is FERPA and what does it cover?

The Family Educational Rights and Privacy Act (FERPA) is a federal law designed to protect the privacy of a student’s educational records. Under FERPA, directory information may be publicly shared by the University, unless the student specifically requests that directory information not be released. The University of Maine System has designated the following as directory information:

  • Address
  • Appropriate personal athletic statistical data
  • Class Level
  • Date of Birth
  • Dates of Attendance
  • Degrees and Awards received (including dates)
  • Enrollment status (full/part-time)
  • Most recent previous educational institution attended
  • Name
  • Participation in sports and activities
  • Phone
  • Program of Study
  • UMS assigned email address

What if a student does not want directory information released

If a student requests that directory information not be released, no information will be released to any requestor, including insurance companies and prospective employers, without the express written consent of the student. Further, the student’s name will not be included in the published Dean’s List, student directory, commencement brochure, or any other institutional publication or press release.

Can a student authorize the University to share other information with another individual?

Student Consent to Release: Information beyond directory information can be released by the appropriate education records custodian only on the basis of a written, dated request by the student or by the student’s completion of the Student Consent to Release Information Form

Please note: FERPA applies only to students who have enrolled; it does not apply to applicants.

Complete FERPA document.

FERPA / Directory Restrictions

Students wishing to limit the release of directory information can do so through their MaineStreet Classic Student Center.

Under Personal Information:

  1. Choose Privacy Settings from the “other personal…” drop-down menu;
  2. Edit FERPA/Directory Restrictions;
  3. Choose from one of the three options:
    • Do not release any directory information.
    • Release all except addresses (including student email address).
    • Release all directory information.