General Information and Dates

Information with your specific arrival times on your move in day and further details will be emailed to you in mid-July. Times will range from 7am to 5pm. If once you have received your specific move in time you need to request a different time please submit the Early Arrival Request form which will be available once you have received your specific move in date and time.

Location/Class LevelMove in Date
First Year StudentsAugust 30th
Portland – Returning StudentsAugust 31st
Gorham – Returning StudentsSeptember 1st

More Details

Athlete early move in will be on Aug 15, 2024 and Aug 18, 2024. Your coaches will communicate with you directly on the specific details.

Early arrival requests can be submitted via the Early Arrival Request form which will be available once you have received your move in date and times. Please note, it is an early arrival request. We will do our best to accommodate all requests but can not guarantee these. The earliest date that can be requested is August 25th. Please note there is also a $35/night fee for early arrival.

The move in map is currently being finalized and will be posted once it completed.

The move in map is currently being finalized and will be posted once it completed.

  • USM students staying for the full summer from May until August 9, who have a fall 2024 room assignment at USM and are registered for USM fall classes, may move into their fall 2024 room assignment and stay through the gap period between the end of the summer term and the start of the fall term at no additional charge.
  • Students without a fall 2024 room assignment and are ineligible to live on campus for the gap period from August 19 to fall move-in and must move out at the end of the summer session or by their indicated check-out date on their application, whichever is earlier.

What can I bring with me?

Below are some thoughts. Check with roommate(s) before moving in to avoid duplication.

FOR YOUR BED – note our different mattress sizes!

Robie Andrews Hall, Woodward Hall, Anderson Hall and Upton Hastings Hall have extra long mattresses.

Upperclass Hall and Philippi Hall beds have regular twin size mattresses.

Portland Commons has full sized extra long mattresses and twin sized extra long mattresses. Please confirm here which mattress size your room type has. 

Sheets and pillowcase

Mattress pad



Bedspread or comforter


All rooms come with a Microfridge unit, with the exception of apartments, which come with a full-sized refrigerator. The Microfridge units are designed to save energy and are very convenient (combined refrigerator, freezer and microwave). Please do not bring a refrigerator, microwave, or freezer to school.

We recommend Energy Star rated appliances in accordance with our sustainability philosophy.


Printer and accessories

Power strip with surge protector – extension cords are NOT allowed

Study lamp with compact fluorescent or LED light bulbs

Low-power stereo (less than 800 watts)

Streaming compatible TV

DVD, Blu-ray player

Gaming systems


Iron w/automatic shutoff

Hairdryer, curling iron, etc.

Keurig machine or comparable machine using a similar brewing mechanism

Automatic shut-off tea kettle

Portland Commons ONLY:

Minifridge up to 3.1 cubic ft

Microwave up to 0.7 cubic ft and 700 wattage


Two original documents to prove your identity for an I9 form if you are applying for jobs

Headphones with a microphone (in case you and your roommate are attending separate virtual events, meetings, etc.)

Camp chairs to be with people outside

Several face coverings

Clothes, shoes

Shower shoes or flip flops, shower caddy




Jacket, raincoat

First aid kit, thermometer, personal medications


Area rug

Closet curtains for all halls except Robie Andrews

Posters affixed w/poster putty or blue painter’s tape (no other tapes, tacks, or nails. Command strips may be used as long as they are used correctly! If they are just pulled off the wall, the paint will come off and charges will be assessed.)

Pictures of family and friends




Pencils, pens, highlighters, sharpies

Personal organizer/calendar

Thumb drives

Scissors, tape, ruler

Paper clips

Stapler and staples




Cell phone


Storage boxes/space organizers

Trashcan and trash bags

Broom and basic cleaning supplies

Laundry basket, detergent

Warm winter boots and possibly ice grippers for boots

Clothes hangers


Basic kitchen supplies for common kitchen use

Utensils, cups, plates, and bowls for your room

Ironing board

Sports equipment – must be kept in your room

Toilet paper for apartments and suites

Plunger for apartments and suites

If you plan to have a car on campus in the winter, we encourage you to bring a snow shovel or get one during the fall break.


Hoverboards – Recent information has revealed that the batteries in the devices are dangerous and prone to explosion, creating a safety and fire risk. Our priority is the safety of the members of our community, and until a time that the safety standards of these devices are improved, Residential Life has prohibited these devices from being in all residential buildings. Should these devices be found in the halls, students will be asked to remove them from the building by appropriate staff (Resident Assistant, Resident Director, etc.).

Such violations will be referred through the student conduct process.

Incandescent light bulbs – please use compact fluorescents and LEDs, which save energy
Candles, incense, oil-burning lamps
Toaster ovens, toasters, hot plates, air fryers
George Foreman grills, charcoal or gas grills
Coffee makers (except Keurig machines or those with similar brewing mechanism)
Extension cords
Weapons of any kind
Darts and dart boards
Animals, except fish, or service animals as defined by the ADA Amendments Act of 2008, subject to DSC approval
Fry Daddy’s, electric frying pans
Air conditioners, dehumidifiers, halogen lamps, medusa lamps
Ceiling hangings, ceiling fans
Alcohol paraphernalia

May I bring a computer?

Yes. Just remember that as with all personal property, you are responsible for its security. Wireless internet access is in all residence hall rooms and common areas. Networking questions should be directed to the Technology Support Center.

What are Microfridges, and what is your policy regarding other units?

One University-owned Microfridge unit will be provided for each designed double or single on the Gorham campus at no charge. A second University-owned Microfridge unit will be provided for designed triples or 4-person rooms or suites (without kitchens). All other microwaves and/or refrigerators and freezers are prohibited on the Gorham campus.

Microfridge units must be left clean, dry, unplugged, and with the refrigerator and freezer doors open when all occupants check out of the room. MicroFridge units that require cleaning by custodial staff will incur a cleaning fee, billed to the occupant(s) of the room/suite. Occupant(s) will also be billed for unit(s) that are damaged or missing parts.

May I bring my own furniture with me?

All residence hall rooms are fully furnished with a bed, a desk, a chair, bureau space, and a closet available to each resident. Please note that all furniture assigned to a room must stay in the room – it will not be moved or stored to make room for your own. You may bring any furniture that you might like to have in your room, (with the exception of waterbeds and lofts), but you should consider what your roommate(s) may also be bringing; talk to them before you make any final decisions. Useful items might be a small bedside table, floor lamp, television stand, small rug and so forth.

May I bring or build a loft in my residence hall room?

No, we do not allow lofts in student rooms. Some beds in some halls are already semi-lofted.
For beds that are not semi-lofted, you may use plastic bed risers for a bit more under-bed storage. 

Are pets allowed in the residence halls?

No pets or animals of any kind may be kept in the residence halls, with the exception of non-poisonous, non-walking fish in an aquarium (one aquarium only, up to 10 gallons), service animals as defined by the Americans with Disabilities Act Amendments 2008, or approved assistance animals. 

Prior approval of an assistance animal is required by the Disability Services Center. The University is not responsible for the loss or harm to any fish due to interruptions in power services.