Interested in learning about applying to live in Portland Commons? Click here to learn more about your options and eligibility. For more information about Portland Commons, read on!

A Diverse, Inclusive Residential Community

Hall Features

Portland Commons will house 577 students in a variety of room types. The top floors will house our graduate and law students. The floors are mixed-gender. The first floor boasts a half-acre semi-private courtyard for studying and group gatherings, a variety of study and meeting rooms, a comfortable common gathering space with a full kitchen, and indoor bike storage. In addition, to these features, Portland Commons is on track to be the second-largest Passive House building at a university in the United States.

  • Passive House is one of the world’s most aggressive green building standards. 
  • The building will use less than half of the energy than a comparable residence hall built to modern code
  • The Passive House standard will mean it also has superior air quality with a steady supply of fresh air
  • The tight thermal envelope will make for a quieter, more thermally comfortable residence hall

Room Features

All rooms within Portland Commons have in-suite restrooms. There is a multitude of room types available for students to select from:

  • Single with ensuite bathroom
  • One-person efficiency apartment
  • Two-person single pod
  • Two-person single apartment
  • Four-person double apartment
  • Four-person single apartment

Hall History

Portland Commons is the first residence hall located on the Portland campus. Many years ago there was “Portland Hall”, which was located in downtown Portland, but this is the first building built on the Portland campus.

What makes Portland Commons a great place to live

Portland Commons sits on the corner of Durham and Bedford Streets, spanning approximately 218,000 square feet, and adding an aesthetically pleasing cornerstone to our campus gateway. 

While meeting leading-edge Passive House sustainability standards, the new Hall also features large glass panels in the first floor common areas, illuminating and activating the sidewalk and making our campus a more welcoming and engaging place.

The four wings of the Hall — two reaching five stories in height and two reaching eight stories in height — form a parallelogram that encloses a half-acre semi-private residential courtyard.

Room Types, Amenities, and Rates

For 12-month rates as well as meal plan rates and details, please visit our Room and Board Rates page.

Room TypeRate per semesterAmenities
Single with ensuite bathroom$4,130.00Full bed, in suite bathroom
One-person efficiency apartment$6,250.00Full bed, in suite bathroom, full kitchen
Two-person single pod$3,995.00Full bed, in suite bathroom
Two-person single apartment$5,765.00Full bed, in suite bathroom, full kitchen
Four-person double apartment$4,590.00Twin bed, in suite bathroom, full kitchen
Four-person single apartment$5,260.00Full bed, in suite bathroom, full kitchen
Overhead view of single suite room with double bed, desk, and bathroom.
Single with ensuite bathroom
Overhead view of one person efficiency apartment with double bed, kitchenette, and bathroom
One-person efficiency apartment
Overhead view of two person single suite
Two-person single pod
Overhead view of two person, two bedroom apartment
Two-person single apartment
Overhead view of a four person double apartment
Four-person double apartment
Four-person single apartment