School Psychology

Rachel Brown

Associate Professor of Educational Psychology and School Psychology, Emerita

Office Location

221 Bailey Hall


(207) 228-8322

Academic Degrees

  • Ph.D., University of Massachusetts, Amherst
  • M.A.T., Smith College, Massachusetts


Rachel received her Ph.D. in School Psychology from the University of Massachusetts, Amherst in 2000. Prior to that, she worked for 10 years as a general and special education teacher in Massachusetts. Rachel’s research focuses on intervention-linked assessments using curriculum-based measurement (CBM), problem-solving, and response-to-intervention (RTI) models. She has conducted several studies of silent reading fluency using CBM and is the author and/or editor of three books about effective school-based interventions. She is both certified and licensed as a psychologist.

Research Interests

Response to Intervention (RTI), curriculum-based measurement (CBM), scientifically-based instruction, reading instruction, assessment for intervention

Recent Publications

Brown-Chidsey, R., & Andren, K. (Ed.). (2012). Assessment for intervention:
A problem-solving approach. (2nd Ed.). New York: Guilford.

Brown-Chidsey, R. & Steege, M. W. (2010). Response to intervention:
Principles and strategies for effective practice (2nd Ed.) New York:

Goss, C. L., & Brown-Chidsey, R. (2011). Tier 2 reading intervention:
Comparison of Fundations and Reading Mastery. Preventing School
Failure. 56, 65 – 74

Hauerwas, L. B., Scott, A., & Brown-Chidsey, R. (In press). SLD and RTI: An
analysis of state department of education regulations and guidance.
Exceptional Children.