Cohort #3 Application Questions

This file is not the actual application

Applicants and Faculty Advisor are encouraged to use this file to develop their application responses. All applicants must apply through the Google form ( by the deadline March 10, 2023 at 11:59 pm. 

Personal Information:



Home Address:

Academic Information:

Degree Program:

Education Level (what year are you into your degree program):

When was your first semester at USM (include the year):

Anticipated Graduation Date:

Cumulative G.P.A.:

Project Faculty Mentor

Please indicate which faculty member with whom you will be working on your research/project.  Your faculty mentor must submit this form  in order for your application to be considered.

Faculty Name:

Faculty Email:

How do you know Project Faculty Mentor?

How long have you worked/studied with this Mentor?

Why did you choose this person to serve as your Mentor?

Personal Statement:

Please provide a brief summary of yourself and a statement on your career goals.

Research Proposal:

Describe your research or project that you propose for the Shaw Innovation Fellowship.  Please include the following:

  • Goal for the research/project → What questions or problem or are you trying to answer/solve?
  • Scope → Who will be studied or involved and where will your research/project take place?
  • Impact → What is the potential impact of your findings/outcomes of this research/project?  Will the impact have local (Maine), regional (New England), national (USA) or global benefits?

Detail your project timeline.  What are the steps you will take and when will you complete such steps?

How does your research/project impact societal challenges of the 21st Century?  Please write about your research/project’s connection to the real world?

This fellowship encourages students to think and conduct innovative research and projects.  How will innovation, entrepreneurship and exploration be part of your research/project?

In addition to your Project Faculty Mentor, will you be interacting with others in this project (such as others at USM, or community-based partners, or participants in your study)?  If so, describe them and their role in the research/project?  Also, describe how you will provide leadership with those involved in your research/project?

How will you communicate your research and outcomes after completing the Shaw Innovation Fellowship?  Who will be your audience for sharing your findings from your research/project?  Do you anticipate sharing your results with folks coming from disciplines (degree programs) other than your own?

Each project may request a budget of up to $500 to support implementation of the research, such as equipment or supplies.  Describe any proposed financial resources to complete your research/project.  Provide a detailed budget.

How will your background (skills and expertise) and prior experiences contribute to the success of this research/project?

What challenges do you anticipate in your research/project?  How will you address such challenges so that they are overcome and your project can continue?

Finally, how will you measure the success of your project? Please provide specific outcomes that connect to the goals of your research/project.  In other words, how will you know that your project is complete and successful?  

Additional Documents:

Resume (Required):

Time Commitment Agreement (Required):

By selecting “I agree” below, you understand and commit to the Shaw Innovation Fellowship program and time requirements and understand that you will be asked to leave the program if you do not fully participate and will not receive all or some of the scholarship funds.

I agree to the Shaw Innovation Fellowship requirements and time commitments

Additional Letters of Recommendation (Optional):

Link to Your Introductory Video (Optional):

Please create a video introducing yourself (up to 2 minutes), to help us get to know you. Share whatever you would like that demonstrates your adventurousness, curiosity, creativity, and/or innovative mindset. Upload your video to YouTube, or a similar platform, and provide the link below for review.

Note: You may be requested to do an interview as part of the evaluation process and will be given appropriate time to schedule and prepare.