Student and Alumni Testimonies

In this video series, Sociology students and alumni share what they love about the program.

University of Southern Maine students talk about why they chose to major in Sociology.
Sociology students discuss what they love about the University of Southern Maine.
Alumni discuss their experiences majoring in Sociology at the University of Southern Maine.

Past Events

April 12, 2022 – Making Sociology Work
In this virtual panel discussion, Sociology alumni discuss their trajectories in grad school or employment and share advice. Professor David Everson hosted. The panelists were Paige Barker, Billale Fulli, Asher Havlin, Jaime Myers-McPhail, and Mark Noyes. 
November 15, 2021 – Privilege Narratives of Settler Colonialism: Racism and Indigenous Peoples
In the third installment of our Sub/Versions lecture series, Professor David Everson discussed  the often submerged topic of racism toward Indigenous peoples in the United States, and how our dominant racial narratives serve to uphold the white-Native racial order.