Stonecoast connects emerging writers with award-winning authors to create a uniquely inclusive and challenging low-residency MFA in creative writing. Our innovative curriculum and welcoming community will propel your writing forward, providing the expertise, structure, encouragement, and professional network you need to achieve your goals.

At Stonecoast, you’ll join a diverse community of writers and educators dedicated to expanding inclusivity and social justice. You’ll receive mentorshop from writers who care about language’s ability to reimagine and reshape the world we share.

Our curriculum and our faculty are committed to helping you:

  • Understand and expand your writing craft
  • Foster habits that will unlock the potential of your work
  • Expand your perspectives on social and environmental justice issues, race, and identity
  • Learn the business of writing and publishing
  • Build a professional network and start your career.

Possibility, not prescription

Each writer is unique, with their own strengths, their own experiences, and the own vision. Rather than steer everyone toward a particular aesthetic, Stonecoast’s curriculum encourages every student to personalize their education. When professional writers rarely limit themselves to a single genre, why do so many MFA programs try to enforce these artificial boundaries?

Can a scriptwriter teach prose writers about dialogue? Can a nonfiction writer learn about inventive forms by studying poetry? Stonecoast students are encouraged to study and write across different genres and to explore hybrid forms.

Write where you are

One of the most obvious benefits of the low-residency MFA model is that it allows a student the flexibility to pursue a rigorous graduate degree without having to uproot their entire life.

  • Bi-annual in-person residencies are easy to plan for and create a space for the informal learning that can only happen when we get together.
  • Between residencies, you’ll work one-on-one with a faculty mentor you’ve selected and within a schedule that fits your life.
  • At every step of the way, you’ll have the support of faculty, students, and an administration that is committed to your success.

Ready to take your writing seriously?

Are you searching for a larger writing community? Do you want to be in an environment that values cooperation over competition? Do you want to be challenged and inspired? Would blueberry pancakes hit the spot? Apply to Stonecoast today.