Student Engagement & Leadership

Campus Traditions

Weeks of Welcome occur the first two weeks of each semester and are jam packed with events meant to encourage you all to become engaged with your fellow students, staff, and faculty. Major traditions within Weeks of Welcome are our Student Engagement Fair and Husky Fest, which connect you with student organizations and important resources and support in the area. We highly encourage both new and returning students to attend to get a jump start on their engagement for the semester. 


Homecoming & Family Weekend is our chance to bring together alumni, students, friends, and families together to celebrate our Husky Pride and enjoy a variety of fun events across campus.

Stress Relief Week is offered twice a semester, around midterms and finals, as a way to help students take short breaks from their workloads and avoid burnout. We strive to offer a variety of activities during this time that are aimed at relaxing and refocusing. While events vary from iteration to iteration, you can get an idea of what this tradition looks like by checking out schedules from previous Stress Relief Weeks below.

Spring Fling is offered toward the end of the spring semester and is filled with a variety of activities that allow our community to celebrate the return of nice weather and get a boost as we work toward the end of the academic year. As with all of our traditional events, the specific activities vary from year to year, but the fun is always front and center. 

Throughout the year, Student Engagement & Leadership hosts a variety of events exclusive to the graduating class. These events vary from year to year. but what doesn't change is us celebrating all our graduates have accomplished.

Commuter Student Appreciation Week 2022!