Club Sports Program Mission

The University of Southern Maine Club Sports Program is dedicated to the mission of providing opportunities for students to engage in a variety of activity levels: competitive, recreational, and instructional sport teams.  Students are afforded leadership and fellowship opportunities and experiences, as each club is organized, managed, and run by students. The program strives to contribute to the health, well-being, development, and education of the students through involvement in club sports. Each club sport team proudly represents the University of Southern Maine through community involvement, sporting events, competitions, and activities in the state of Maine, the Northeast, and the United States.

For general information or if you have interest in starting a new club team, please contact the Coordinator of Recreation, Katriana Pratt.

Club Sports Teams – Spring 2023

Club Sport Teams in Development Process – Spring 2023

  • Softball Team

Club Sports Program Handbook

This handbook serves as the primary source of information for policies, procedures, and leadership suggestions with regard to the club sports program. It is the responsibility of each club sport member and participant to be aware and in full understanding of the information included in this handbook. 

Club Sport Council 

The Cub Sport Council is the student entity of the University of Southern Maine’s Club Sport programs. The Club Sport Council will act as an advisory committee and work in partnership with the Coordinator of Recreation. The members of the Club Sport Council are made up of current rostered students on each respective club team that advocates for their club team needs. The Club Sport Councils goal is to organize and manage the club sport teams in a way that enhances the college student experience.