Esports Program!

The University of Southern Maine Esports program provides a competitive and supportive esports environment. We are dedicated to recruiting the best esport players around as we have the largest esports program in Maine! We provide over 15 different game titles for students to participate in as we compete in the Eastern College Athletic Conference (ECAC). Our esports program offers student leadership opportunities as the program runs student led committees such as: streaming, coaching, marketing, scouting, tournaments, events, and more!

Club Sport Teams

The University of Southern Maine Club Sports Program is dedicated to the mission of providing opportunities for students to engage in a variety of activity levels: competitive, recreational, and instructional sport teams. The program strives to contribute to the health, well-being, development, and education of the students through involvement in club sports. Each club team proudly represents the University of Southern Maine through community involvement, sporting events, competitions, and activities in the state of Maine, the Northeast, and the United States.

Intramural Sports

Our intramural sports symbolize good sportsmanship and healthy lifestyles by enhancing students’ social and mental well beings. These programs develop leadership, belonging, and create memories through teamwork and lasting friendships. Check out our current Intramural Sports!


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