Conference Phones

There are two main ways to make conference calls on campus: from your desk with the conference key, and by requesting a conference phone from Telecommunications by completing a Work Order (RT) on our Forms Page.



Conference calling from your desk:

The Conference key may join up to six parties (yourself included) in a conference call.

NOTE: The initiating party will be charged for all long distance calls placed during the conference call (five simultaneous long distance calls are possible).

1. While on a call, press the Conference key.
2. You will hear three quick tones followed by a dial tone and the first call is put on hold.
3. Dial the number of the next party to join the call. (For long distance calls, be sure to dial 16 + authorization code + 9 + number)
4. When the call is answered, you may talk privately.
5. Press conference key again to join all parties.
6. Repeat this procedure for up to six parties including yourself.



Requesting a conference phone via work order:

Please fill out a Work Order (RT) by visiting our Forms Page. Important details to include are the date, time, and department chartfield information. Keep in mind that conference phones must be requested at least 2-3 days in advance. It is important to include whether you are generating the call or receiving it.



Conference phone FAQ's:

1) How much does it cost?

Please see our Phone Charges section.

2) Where can I find the phone number?

Phone numbers are located on the phone itself.

3) How do I call out?

Dial out like any normal call from a desk phone. Off-campus dialing may require a long distance authorization code.

4) Can people call in?

One caller may dial in, but not if the conference is already in progress. They will hear a busy signal. Once a call has been initiated, additional party's must be added in one by one by dialing out from the conference phone using the conference key feature.

5) What if more than one person needs to call in and/or my call requires more than six people?

Please contact Telecommunications at 780-4054 for more information.