Faculty and Staff Services

Conference Phones

If you need a speaker phone for a group conference call, Telecommunications provides a conference phone which can accommodate small or large groups. There is a $65.00 set up charge. Advance notice is required (2-3 days). To obtain a conference phone complete a Work Order Request (RT) on our Forms Page.

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Courtesy Phones

Courtesy phones are located throughout the USM campuses. Some phones may be limited to on-campus dialing only.

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Data Installation

Please complete a Work Order Request with the IT Service Desk for data installation requests. We will coordinate the completion of your network connection with Computing Services. Computing Services is also responsible for assigning e-mail addresses and internet access.

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Dialing Instructions

Campus Operator

Dial "0"

Between Campuses
(Portland, Gorham & Lewiston)

Dial the four digit number

Local Dialing

9 + seven digit number

State of Maine

16 + authorization code + 9 + seven digit number

Out of State

16 + authorization code + 9 + 1 + area code + seven digit number


16 + authorization code + 9 + 011 + country code+ city code + local number

Calling Card call

Follow instructions on back of the card

Collect Call

9 + 0 + number and wait for operator

Directory Assistance (Maine)

16 + authorization code + 9 + 555-1212

Directory Assistance (Out of State)

16 + authorization code + 9 + 1 + area code + 555-1212

Toll-Free Calls

9 + 1 + 8xx + seven digit number

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Emergency Telephones

Blue light emergency phones will dial immediately into the USM Police Department when the red button is pressed. These emergency phones are located on the USM campuses for safety and security. When activated, the USM Police Department immediately receives the location of the caller.

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Emergency/Storm Line Number

  • (207) 780-4800, or (800) 800-4876 (press 1)
  • TTY: (207) 780-5034, or (800) 294-0213

This phone number provides updated cancellation information due to an emergency or inclement weather. Staff are encouraged to call this number to get the latest cancellation information at USM.

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Fax Machine - General Use

The general fax number for USM is 780-4933. The fax machine is available to staff, faculty and students during regular office hours and is located in the Telecommunications office in 4 Payson Smith, Portland Campus. If a fax is received for staff or faculty, Telecommunication's will notify the individual. An authorization code is required for long distance faxing.

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Harassing Calls Assistance (What to do)

If you receive a harassing or obscene telephone call, record the date and time of the call and report the incident to the USM Police Department (x5211). Voice mail messages should not be deleted until they can be listened to, forwarded or recorded. The USM Police Department should be notified as soon as possible since messages that have been listened to automatically delete after ten days. The USM Police Department will then notify Telecommunications to determine the course of action to be taken.

Remember, the best way to halt harassing calls is to HANG UP!

USM Police Department Locations

  • 28 Husky Drive, Gorham Campus
  • Sullivan Gymnasium, Portland Campus

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Long Distance Authorization Codes

To place a long distance call from a USM telephone without a calling card, an authorization code is necessary. Please complete our Long Distance Authorization Code request form.

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Maine Relay

Maine Relay is a service that allows TTY users and non TTY users to communicate by operators who translate and relay conversations. There is no charge for using this service and the rates for calls placed through Maine Relay are reduced.

If you need to dial a TTY number, you may contact Maine Relay or you may go to one of the sites at USM that has a TTY machine.

To reach Maine Relay: (207) 955-3777 Voice user's (non TTY)

From a campus phone: (207) 955-3323 TTY user's

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Telephone Troubles and Repairs: 780-4029

If you experience trouble with dialing out, receiving calls, accessing voice mail, static, cannot hear callers, or any other problem, call the Technology Support Center at (207) 780-4029. Leave your name, department, building and room number and phone extension with a brief description. Trouble reports have a turn around time of at least 48 hours.

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Telephone Training

Telecom conducts training workshops for any USM faculty or staff interested in learning more about telephone and voice mail features.

Additionally, Telecom welcomes the opportunity to come to your department for individualized telephone training seminars. The training will be designed specifically toward your departments phone set up. Recommendations for customizing your departments phone set up can be made so that it works effectively for your departments needs. Call Telecom (x4054) to schedule a session.

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TTY (780-5646) and VP Phone

A TTY device (telecommunications device for hearing and speech impaired) is available in the Telecommunications Office (4 Payson Smith Hall). This unit is the main TTY number for the University of Southern Maine, receiving incoming TTY calls for USM departments. This device is also available for outgoing calls during regular business hours.

The following is a list of units available for incoming/outgoing TTY calls:

Office of Support for Students with Disabilities
242 Luther Bonney Hall, Portland


Police Department, USM
Upton Hall, Gorham


Human Resource Services
128 School Street, Gorham


Lewiston Auburn College
51 Westminster Street, Lewiston


Universities Libraries
Portland & Gorham

(outgoing calls only)

To request a TTY Phone, submit a Work Order with the IT Service Desk.

In addition, a VP phone is available at the USM Linguistics Department on the Portland campus. Contact staff at 310 A-Wing, Science Building to arrange for access.

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USM Toll-Free Number

The 800 line (800-800-4876 or 800-800-4USM) is provided by the Telecommunications Department and is available for USM business from 8:00 A.M. to 4:30 P.M. Monday through Friday. Please use the 800 number on all program and department bulletins. Calls to the 800 number are processed through the USM phonetics voice recognition system and will default to the campus operator.

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Work Order Request

Telecommunications handles all new installations and moves for telephone and data lines including fax and modem lines. Standard telephone sets are provided. To request service, please submit an online Work Order with the IT Service Desk.


  • Install/Move phones and connections to existing data lines
  • Add/Remove a voice mailbox to an existing extension
  • Upgrade existing phones

Software/Programming Changes

  • Call pick up groups
  • Forward no answer
  • Phone Menus
  • Key changes


  • Conference Phones
  • Digital Display Phones
  • Handset & Base Cords
  • Headsets

Special Circumstances may require outside phone vendors. Contact Telecommunications for installation.

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