Mo Awale & Briana DiNato

The Inspiration for Promise

Mo’s path to USM began in Africa, Brianna’s in Portland, Maine. Their journeys inspired a new model for helping Maine youth go to college and achieve their dreams.

Alan Monga

Promise Moves Mountains

Twenty-five students from across Maine are selected annually to receive the Promise Scholarship. Nominated by youth-serving organizations, this scholarship can be life-changing and helps students to “move mountains.”

Meet the Promise Peer Leaders

The Promise Peer Leaders play a pivotal role in helping first year scholars acclimate to campus through mentorship, programming, and events.

Become a Promise Scholar

Planning to attend USM? Applications for the Promise Scholarship are accepted between January 1 and March 15. If you are planning to attend USM – apply for the scholarship that helps to meet students meet their financial need and graduate with little to no debt.