“The Writing Center staff at USM helped with my research papers, and with my overall writing skills. This has helped me enormously. I recommend students use the Writing Center whenever they need support for any of their classes!”

-Master’s student in Education in TESOL

“My writing appointments at the Writing Center have been so helpful. My Writing Assistant is so knowledgeable in even the tiniest grammar rules, as well as the different format styles. My WA is really great at bouncing ideas off of, and reading the assigned texts with them is helpful because we can discover the meaning of the texts together. I think what I like most about the Writing Center is that I don’t feel judged. Writing Assistants are there to help you get better at writing, not to judge.”

-Undergraduate, Social Work

“Writing is a solitary undertaking, and working in a vacuum makes me wonder if my writing is engaging and if I am completing my assignments correctly. This is where the Writing Center comes to the rescue. Working with a Writing Assistant offers me fresh eyes and expertise to work one-on-one to fine-tune my writing. They offer guidance, reassurance, and productive feedback on my work so I can get unstuck, head in a different direction, or fill in the gaps. Experienced Assistants are enthusiastic, supportive, and fun to work with. I recommend using the Writing Center to improve your writing skills.” 

-Stonecoast MFA student