Chemistry (BS)

Program Type
Undergraduate Major
Bachelor of Science (BS)
Modes of Study
Blended;In person

Tuition & fees

Costs include tuition, fees, & other costs such as books. See cost details

Financial aid

On average, 92% of enrolled students who file a FAFSA receive an offer. 91% of offers include scholarships, grants, waiver, and/or work-study. Explore aid

Program duration

Typical completion time: 4 years. Flexible options may save time. Explore options


SAT & ACT scores optional. Early action & year-round admissions. View application process & deadlines

Program Highlights

  • Pursue exciting, faculty-mentored research projects and internships within the department and with local scientific firms.
  • Co-author scientific manuscripts and present your work at local and national meetings.
  • Gain hands-on experience with analytical and research instrumentation in our instructional labs.
  • Join our Chemistry Club to partner with K-12 schools throughout the area.
  • Enjoy our close-knit Chemistry department, where students and faculty interact closely with one another.
Student Ryan Michaud testing beer samples in USM's new quality assurance and control research laboratory.

Program requirements

The program provides a rigorous pre-professional education for students interested in pursuing STEM careers or an advanced degree. The curriculum has been designed to prioritize problem solving and chemistry fundamentals, and project-based laboratory experiments that create an authentic, research-like experience.

A student works on a laptop in a lab, analyzing test results.

Strong career options

This program will prepare you for a wide range of career choices. Our alumni are accepted into the most demanding graduate programs and enjoy successful careers in research and a variety of industrial fields.

Groups of students walk or sit outside of the Portland campus Science Building.

Expert, dedicated faculty

Our Chemistry department fosters close interaction between students and our active and engaged faculty. They are committed to encouraging student growth, inquiry, and mastery of the skills needed to be part of global solutions.

Approved Chemistry Program: ACS - Chemistry for Life, Trademark, American Chemical Society.


Our chemistry department is accredited by the American Chemical Society, which aspires to improve people’s lives through the transforming power of chemistry.

A student in a graduation cap and gown gazes upward.

Scholarship opportunities

Scholarships offer valuable financial aid that doesn’t need to be repaid. You’ll be automatically considered for Merit Scholarships when you apply for admission by the deadline. Additional opportunities are available.

A student sits at a desk in a lab, studying test results.

Looking toward the future

87% of our graduating Chemistry students obtain jobs in scientific fields or are accepted into PhD programs.

A student wearing safety glasses and gloves inserts liquid in a test tube.

Exciting learning spaces

You’ll gain real-world experience using analytical instrumentation in our Chemistry lab. In upper-level coursework, you’ll learn to evaluate samples, interpret data, and discover how changing experimental parameters affect the output.

A student wearing safety equipment checks on the progress of a project.

Put theory into practice

Opportunities for hands-on experience abound through faculty-mentored research projects, internships at local biotech, analytical, and diagnostic companies, and independent study in our research labs.

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