Department of Chemistry


Students studying chemistry at USM will gain an understanding of chemistry’s place within the sciences and in today’s industrial and business world. The Department of Chemistry provides students concentrating in this field with a thorough and practical education that will be useful in teaching or in industrial, technical, or graduate work. We offer a four-year program with three tracks leading to baccalaureate degrees:

  • Biochemistry, BS
  • Chemistry, BA
  • Chemistry, BS
  • Chemistry, BA – Secondary Teacher Education Track

BS/BA in Chemistry or BS in Biochemistry: Program Student Learning Outcomes

1) Theories: Students will have a firm foundation in the fundamentals and applications of current chemical and scientific theories.

2) Experiments: Students will be able to design, carry out, record and analyze the results of a chemical experiment.

3) Instrumentation and Techniques: Students will be able to use modern instrumentation and classical laboratory techniques to design experiments, and to properly record their results of their experiments.

4) Research: Students will be able to identify and solve chemical problems and explore new areas of research.

5) Chemical Literature: Students will be able to use modern library searching and retrieval methods to obtain information about a topic, chemical, chemical technique, or an issue relating to chemistry.