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Undergraduate Major (Online)
Bachelor of Art (BA)
Mode of Study

Tuition & fees

Costs include tuition, fees, & other costs such as books. See cost details

Financial aid

On average, 92% of enrolled students who file a FAFSA receive an offer. 91% of offers include scholarships, grants, waiver, and/or work-study. Explore aid

Program duration

Typical completion time: 4 years. Flexible options may save time. Explore options


SAT & ACT scores optional. Early action & year-round admissions. View application process & deadlines

Program highlights

  • Balance your schedule while completing a degree: Our fully online program allows you to complete coursework from wherever you are.
  • Save money with affordable tuition: Out-of-state students are eligible for reduced e-tuition.
  • Gain academic credit for skills and knowledge you’ve already acquired through prior coursework, jobs, community service, or life experience.
  • Make valuable connections through an internship where you’ll integrate learning with hands-on work experience.
  • Learn from a curriculum that integrates perspectives from psychology, sociology, and anthropology, preparing you for a career in the human services field.
  • Design your own focal area or choose from three specializations: Counseling, Public Health, or Regulatory Ethics.
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Prepare for future employment

Cultivate your skills and knowledge beyond the classroom through an internship at a site of your choice. You’ll establish connections and gain hands-on experience needed to market yourself effectively to future employers.

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Licensure and certification

As a graduate, you’ll be eligible to take the Certified Alcohol and Drug Counselor (CADC) examination, or after completing an internship in a clinical setting, apply for the Licensed Social Worker, Conditional (LSX) in Maine.

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Meaningful career options

Are you interested in a career advocating for social change? Our program provides an excellent foundation for roles shaping individual lives and social structures, in industries such as law, public policy, public health, mental health, education, and leadership.

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Program requirements

Prepare for a rewarding profession designed to enhance the understanding of the psychological and social principles that influence behavior in a variety of institutions, such as community, culture, and family. You’ll enjoy the flexibility to study diverse perspectives in a focal area of your choice.

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Versatile, accomplished faculty

Each of our full-time faculty members brings diverse individual experiences, socio-cultural backgrounds, and intellectual traditions within the fields of anthropology, psychology, social work, and related fields.

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Embrace community engagement

With the help of local community partners, you’ll explore how similarities and differences among people shape the world. The practice of community engagement inspires civic duty and ethical citizenship.

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Looking ahead to graduate school?

Save you time and money in earning your graduate degree. We offer Accelerated Graduate Pathways to our master’s programs in Counseling, Occupational Therapy, Special Education, and Social Work; and the University of Maine School of Law. Pathways require graduate-level courses, which may be held in person.

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Scholarship opportunities

Scholarships offer valuable financial aid that doesn’t need to be repaid. You’ll be automatically considered for Merit Scholarships when you apply for admission by the deadline. Additional opportunities are available.

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Considering transferring to USM?

We welcome students who are transferring from another four-year university or community college. Our knowledgeable Admissions Counselors will help you to navigate the admissions and credit-transfer process.

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Online student support

Maintain a flexible schedule while earning your degree. Our online students receive the same superior support as those who study on campus, including one-on-one career advising, video meetings with tutors and writing assistants, and technology assistance.

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Welcoming adult learners

We understand the demands of completing your degree while maintaining your work schedule and life responsibilities. Here, you'll find flexibility and personal support to achieve your academic and professional goals.

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