Students Admitted with Conditions

Students admitted with conditions have an academic support program designed to assist students who may need scaffolding to succeed in the rigorous academic environment at the University of Southern Maine. The focus is academic success and support for all its participants. Students accepted with conditions will have a personalized Academic Support Plan. This plan offers several key elements to help students succeed. These include a developmental approach to advising, courses to strengthen academic performance, and carefully selected course schedules.

Benefits to Students

One of the program's most valuable resources is the partnership between student and advisor. Starting with orientation, students will work closely with their advisor and develop a personalized Academic Support Plan and required course work that will enhance and strengthen academic self management, decision making and career exploration. Students will develop this plan through regular meetings with their academic advisor.

Advisors are often thought of as the people who help students identify appropriate courses for their degree program. While course selection is vital to the advising process, it is only a piece of the partnership that helps guide students through the process that is their education. The advisors in GO adhere to a developmental approach to academic advising, where the advisor is a facilitator, a partner in the learning process. By working collaboratively, the student and advisor will develop a plan to ensure a successful and productive college experience. This partnership can begin with the advisor learning what students bring to college. Some of these things might include:

  • Community involvement
  • Family life
  • Expectations
  • Academic accomplishments

The goal is to help students create, develop, and reach their educational goals. It is also to develop a relationship based on trust and understanding between the advisor and the student.

Students in GO are encouraged to make an appointment early in the semester with their Student Success advisor to discuss the specific requirements.

Click here to view the Academic Support Plan (pdf).

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