Employees at the University of Southern Maine have access to a number of professional development opportunities, including a tuition waiver program that is applicable to undergraduate and graduate courses throughout the University of Maine System, including the University of Maine School of Law!

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Tuition Waiver Program

The University of Maine System encourages the full participation of all of its members in its educational mission by offering tuition waivers for eligible employees and their dependents.  

Generally, eligible full-time employees are allowed a maximum of two tuition-free courses per semester or summer session, not to exceed a total of eight credit hours.  Eligible part-time employees are allowed a maximum of one tuition-free course per semester or summer session, not to exceed a total of four credit hours. A more detailed explanation can be found below. Your eligibility for the tuition waiver benefit starts in the semester of your hire.

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Professional Development Programs

The University of Southern Maine Professional Development Programs offer a wide spectrum of in-depth, comprehensive programs, including professional development workshops, test preparation, certificate and individual courses.

Eligible employees receive a 20% discount on all courses offered through Professional Development Programs.


Maine Workforce Development Compact (MWDC) Professional Development Grant

The University of Maine System is part of the Maine Workforce Development Compact (MWDC), which means front-line employees of the University are eligible to receive grant funding from the Harold Alfond Center for the Advancement of Maine’s Workforce to help pay for a variety of workforce development training, including Continuing Education Units (CEUs), conference registrations, and skills development training. Accredited courses at UMS, the Maine Community College System, and other accredited institutions may also be funded. 

For calendar years 2023–2025, the grant covers the employee in a 50/50 split with MWDC’s investment, not to exceed $1,200 per year. 

It is best to submit your application at least two weeks ahead of time.

For more information, please contact umsacademy-usm@maine.edu

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There are many more opportunities for professional development at the University of Southern Maine