If you or someone you know is in immediate danger of harming themselves and/or contact emergency services by dialing 911, calling on-campus Public Safety (207)780-5211, or going to your nearest hospital emergency room.

How do I know if a need is urgent?

Mental health emergencies are needs that require same day attention from a mental health provider. This can include situations where you or someone you know or care about:

  • Displays significant changes in behavior, which are not characteristic
  • Experiences mental health symptoms which disrupt activities of daily living (i.e. eating, personal hygiene, sleep, etc.), especially if the symptoms are getting worse
  • Experiences mental health symptoms which are increasingly interfering with a person’s responsibilities of life (i.e. stops going to class, isolates significantly from friends, misses athletic practice(s), etc.)
  • Indicates intention or desire to harm themselves and/or another person
  • Loses a significant person or relationship
  • Witnesses or survives a traumatic event

On Campus Resources

When the University Counseling Center is open (Monday-Friday, 8:00 AM-4:30 PM), consultation appointments are available daily for current USM students at both the Gorham and Portland campus locations or via telehealth services.

Please call (207) 780-4050 and request an urgent same-day appointment or to speak with the on-call clinician.

After hours, holidays and weekends, mental health crisis or emergency services for students are provided by the Maine Crisis Line at (888) 568-1112 or Cumberland County Crisis Services phone number (207) 774-HELP / (207) 774-4357

Community Resources 

During evenings and weekends, when the USM Counseling Center is not open, there are many community resources available to consult for you or someone you care about (some listed above) by calling or utilizing online chat functions:

Opportunity Alliance Crisis Services: (207) 774-HELP / (207) 774-4357 (Cumberland County)

Tri-County Mental Health Services: (888) 304-HOPE / (888) 304-4673 (Androscoggin County)

Maine Statewide Crisis Line: (888) 568-1112

Sexual Assault Response Services of Southern Maine: (800) 871-7741 (Portland)

Through These Doors (Family Crisis/Intimate Partner/Domestic Violence): (800) 537-6066

Statewide Domestic Violence Hotline: (866) 83-4HELP / (866) 834-4357

National Suicide Prevention Hotline [services for deaf/HOH]: (800) 273-TALK / (800) 273-8255 / Text: 741741

Trevor Project (LGBTQIA+ Crisis Hotline): (866) 488-7386 / Text: 678678

Blackline (BIPOC Crisis Line/Peer Support): (800)604-5841