The Counseling Center offers comprehensive psychological services to the students of the University of Southern Maine. The staff of the Counseling Center is a diverse group of professionals, including licensed psychologists, licensed clinical counselors, licensed alcohol and drug counselors, a multicultural counselor, and graduate interns. Together they embody a great deal of experience with a multitude of issues.

In addition to direct services to the student population, the Counseling Center acts as a resource for the entire USM community. Counseling services are available on the Portland and Gorham campuses, Monday through Friday, as well as LAC on certain days of the week, when classes are in session.

The following is a description of our services and initiatives:

Clinical Counseling


Psychiatry Services

Crisis Services & Intervention

Grief/Loss Support

Groups & Psychoeducational Workshops


Substance Misuse Prevention & Education


Clinical Training Center

Diversity Statement

Clinical counseling:

Students may take advantage of individual counseling sessions, group counseling, couples’ counseling, family counseling and professional referrals to ongoing or specialized care within the community.   The most common presenting concerns among our clientele include relationship issues, depression, anxiety, adjustment issues, trauma and substance misuse. Some students choose to enter into treatment with a clinician and some students utilize the center for Brief Treatment. Other students find they only need a couple of visits for guidance and support.


The Counseling Center offers psychoeducation, groups and Individual counseling in a virtual platform. Some students prefer the virtual format for numerous reasons. This service is convenient and for busy students, can fit into their schedule more easily. This service is for students who are living on campus or off campus with the exception that the student must be participating in the state of Maine. If you are out of state, during the academic year or leaving Maine over the break and summer, we can help you connect with a provider in your state. Some of our clinicians hold licenses in other states and may be able to provide services if the state they are licensed in and the state you are participating from match up.

Psychiatry Services: 

Sometimes in addition to counseling, we may find it helpful to consider medication. The Counseling center has a collaborative relationship with providers in University Health Services and psychiatry services in our community. These services are available to USM students who are engaged in counseling services. Your counselor can help you access this service.

Crisis Services and intervention: 

The Counseling Center offers immediate response to students, faculty, and staff members in the case of a mental health emergency.  The Counseling Center staff are available to respond to crises on the Portland and Gorham campuses during business hours (between 8 a.m. and 4:30 p.m. Monday through Friday) when classes are in session and during most breaks. Services are available at LAC on Thursday. The Center coordinates care with local crisis response services and other providers to assure that situations receive a prompt, effective response.  After hours, holidays and weekends, please reach out to Cumberland County Crisis Services

CALL: 207-774-4357 (774-HELP)

Grief and Loss: 

Individual counseling is available to help and support students who have experienced the loss of a loved one, family member, friend or beloved pet. We usually have a Grief and Loss group available for students. We can help.

Groups and Psychoeducational workshops: 

The Counseling center offers a variety of groups for students. These groups may change from semester to semester. Some of the groups that are offered include Graduate Student Support, Stress Management, Mindfulness, Grief and Loss, Self-Care, Early Recovery, and a Women’s Empowerment Group. To learn what groups are available check our current schedule.


University Counseling Services staff often consult with members of the university community to assist them in working with students who may be experiencing a mental health crisis.  The Counseling Center assigns a counselor each day who is available to consult with faculty and staff.

The Counseling center has created a guide for Staff and Faculty of how to assist and refer students who may be in distress.

Substance Misuse Prevention and Education: 

The Counseling Center collaborates with the Office of Community Standards and USM’s Department of Residential Life, to offer BASICS (Brief Alcohol Screening Intervention for College Students) and education around Alcohol and Drug Misuse Prevention.  Students may use ScreenU to explore if they are at risk for developing an alcohol, marijuana or prescription drug use problem. This anonymous service is available to USM students free of charge.


Throughout the year, the staff seek out opportunities to engage with the student population, and in turn are sought out by members of USM faculty and staff for their expertise.  We routinely participate in New Student Orientation and Resident Assistant training.  We offer Suicide Awareness and Overdose Prevention trainings. Other initiatives include guest-speaking engagements in the classroom, participation in panel discussions, and the development of awareness programming for the residence hall population. Learn more about outreach and trainings offered by the University Counseling Services team here.

Clinical Training Center: 

The Counseling Center is a training site for master’s level and practicum students and interns. Our trainees enjoy a broad-based training experience, and provide quality services to USM students under the close clinical supervision of the Center’s staff members. To learn more click here.

USM Counseling Services Diversity Statement 

USM Counseling Services is sensitive and committed to intercultural diversity, inclusion and social justice and examining the impact of systemic and historical issues of power, privilege and access to resources at the individual, the institutional and structural levels. We are committed to an active process of critical thinking and self-reflection to ensure that all students are treated fairly and competently. 

Our service and training missions strive to create environments that staff and clients alike are treated with respect and valued across all differences. Thus, our policies, procedures, activities, relationships, and interactions with individuals and groups in the campus community are consistent with these values. Discrimination and harassment are not tolerated at Counseling Services. The hiring of staff and selection of interns and fellows are consistent with the 

University Affirmative Action Guidelines. 

If you have observed or experienced an incident of bias or hate, discrimination and/or harassment, please report the incident to the Bias Response Team or another appropriate campus resource found here.