Our Counseling Center provides psychoeducational workshops and support groups. These offerings change each semester, so check back often to see if there is something that interests you.

All of our groups are FREE to enrolled students 

Due to the current high demand for individual counseling, Counseling Services is not offering groups for the Fall 2023 Semester. Please check back in for Spring 2024 groups!

Below is an archive of our Workshops and Support Groups for the 22/23 academic year:

Grief and Loss

The purpose of this group is to provide a community for people who are living with loss or grief. It is a safe place for people to be honest about their situation and its’ impact in their lives and gain support from others. 

Just Go to Sleep

This group is an education and support group for individuals who struggle to get good quality sleep. Participants will be provided with information on the science of sleep, common sleep disorders, myths and misinformation about sleep. This group will provide evidence-based skills to change the way you think about sleep, improve the quality of your sleep, and get you to sleep faster. 

Managing Anxiety and Developing Coping Skills   

This is a six-session workshop to help students and staff learn skills to recognize and manage your stress and anxiety. 

Men’s Support Group

If you have been on the fence before about joining a support group, what’s for certain is that some students are in an increasing state of isolation. Counseling Services and the ROCC are collaborating to offer a men’s support group to gather, discuss, and work through any common stress men are facing today. Come join us. We are looking to create a sense of community.

Mindfulness Workshop

Let’s meet the concept of mindfulness. A four-part zoom workshop for students, introducing some basic tenets of mindfulness. This Structured group includes guided exercises to help you practice mindfulness throughout the fall semester. 

Student Recovery Group

This group will focus on topics that normally arise in early and sustained recovery. and is open to students who support each other on their journey in recovery.

Women’s Support Group

Connect with other women, share struggles and successes, reduce isolation, and address the challenges of balancing school, work, family, and social life.