Zahra Jahedibashiz

Zahra Jahedibashiz

B.S. Computer Software Engineering, Azad University, (2018)

Bio: Zahra’s research focuses on clarifying questions in math information retrieval (Advisor: Behrooz Mansouri) and interpretability analysis of deep learning material property prediction (Advisor: Yuqi Song).

Nick Largey

Nick Largey

B.S. Computer Science, University of Southern Maine

Bio: Nick is a Computer Science graduate student focusing on Machine and Deep Learning. His current work includes research in AI detection, AI education for non-CS individuals, and AI as a creative tool. Outside of Computer Science, he enjoys making and listening to music and art, Bonsai, and bad sci-fi and horror movies from the 1980s and 90s. 

Reihaneh Maarefdoust

M.S. Artificial Intelligence, Azad University (2008)
B.S. Computer Software Engineering, Sadjad University (2006)

Bio: Reihaneh is a computer science graduate student at USM and a Teaching Assistant at the University of Southern Maine’s Java Lab. Her primary research interests center around NLP, Information Retrieval, and Machine Learning methods, mainly focusing on probabilistic models such as Bayesian and causal networks.

Wyatt McCurdy

M.S. Forestry, Virginia Tech (2019)
B.S. Environmental Science, Univ. of Maine at Farmington (2013)

Bio: Wyatt is a computer science graduate student at USM and a research assistant in the AIIR Lab. His primary research interest is in applications of computer vision to forest resources and the environment.

Advisor: Behrooz Mansouri