Welcome to the Computer Science department. We offer undergraduate (BS) and graduate (MS) programs. Situated in the vibrant landscape of Portland, Maine, our Computer Science programs are designed to equip students with a robust foundation and prepare them for rewarding careers in high-demand fields. Our curriculum spans a range of cutting-edge topics, including scientific computing, deep learning, natural language processing, software development, artificial intelligence, databases, theory of computation, and software engineering. We prioritize theoretical knowledge and practical application, ensuring our graduates are well-prepared for the rapidly evolving landscape of computing careers. Whether you’re interested in pursuing advanced studies or diving straight into the workforce, our Computer Science programs offer a comprehensive education that aligns with the latest industry trends and prepares students for success in various facets of the field. Join us on the journey of discovery and innovation in the world of Computer Science in the heart of Portland, Maine.

We offer both undergraduate and graduate programs in Computer Science.

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CS student Tyler LaBerge talks about how he has learned to problem-solve, think sequentially, and work effectively in teams to create innovative solutions.