The linguistics faculty members are involved in ongoing research projects, and an overview of current projects is listed below. For a broader view of faculty research, including research interests and publications, see each faculty member’s linked profile. Students who are interested in working on one of these projects through work study or by taking LIN 395 (Research Internship) should contact one of the faculty members associated with the project.

Long-distance wh-structures cross-linguistically and in acquisition and evolution (Dana McDaniel)

Applicative verbs in ASL (Judy Kegl)

Linguistic and Cognitive Factors in Bilingualism (Jeanne Heil)

Sign language effects on visual temporal detection thresholds (Sandra Wood)

Syntactic hierarchy of adverbs and modals in sign languages (Sandra Wood)

Syntax of quantifiers and scope in American Sign Language (Sandra Wood)

Sentence-Planning Procedures in First and Second Language Acquisition (Jeanne Heil & Dana McDaniel)

Complex syntax and working memory in children (Dana McDaniel)

Effects of ALS on ASL (Romy Spitz & Judy Kegl)

Linguistic description of Peruvian Sign Language and Nicaraguan Sign Language with and for Deaf teachers teaching signed language to Deaf students (Judy Kegl, Polly Lawson, Juan Villamonte, Susana Stieglich, James Shepard-Kegl, & Daphny Rodriguez Chang)