The Department of Mathematics and Statistics offers a Bachelor of Arts Degree in Mathematics. The program is designed to provide students with a broad background in mathematics and statistics. Students may select one of four concentrations: pure mathematics, applied mathematics/ operations research, statistics, or mathematics education.

The Department also offers a Master of Science degree in Statistics and offers concentrations in applied statistics, biostatistics, data science, and operations research and applied mathematics. By carefully selecting the appropriate courses, one can complete both the Bachelor of Arts degree in mathematics and the Master of Science degree in Statistics in five years. 

Several certificate programs are offered in actuarial science, applied mathematics, data science, mathematics, and statistics.

Students learn to use computer software packages such as Mathematica, MATLAB, Minitab, and SAS in their mathematics and statistics courses. Collaborative and active learning are encouraged throughout the curriculum.

Learning Outcomes:

  1. At the undergraduate level, we prepare students who want to pursue graduate studies in Mathematics (Pure or Applied) and/or Statistics.
  2. We prepare students who would like to become teachers, following the Secondary Teacher Education track.
  3. At the graduate level, we prepare students where their main focus is their professional aspect to work in industry.
  4. Understand the core concepts in mathematics and to be able to successfully use what’s learned in other courses at USM.
  5. Be able to construct logical arguments and proofs.
  6. The ability to understand and solve mathematical and statistical problems.
  7. The ability to identify, evaluate, and apply different types of mathematical and statistical information to form judgements.
  8. Be able to recognize how to solve real-world problems when related to mathematics, statistics, and other STEM-related fields.